Here I am2Mature

Come heither

Come right here

I had a man

And now all I have is a hole

I’m not asking you to patch it up

Just help me forget

Pour me a cold one

And keep this glass full

And by the end of the night I swear I’ll be your cum dumpster




Strip off my platform boots

Watch as I move

Like branches blowing in the wind

I’ll bend right into you

I’ve got style

I’ve got money I just got paid

On the dance floor I’m every man’s dream

Every man but the name I dare not say

But I’ve kicked of my shoes

And tore my hosiery

The spies will all say I had a damn good time



They watch me

Watch my lips on yours

Your hand bringing me closer

I wink

I’ll show them all

The face of sex

And leave the longing in the dust

Envy me please




And they cross the dance floor

Pry me off my salvation

It’s early in the evening and I can’t bare the thought of my cold room

Not just yet…

So just let me drink

Let me feel the comfort of a warm body

Use and be used





You don’t know what it’s like

You say you do

But you don’t

I’ve loved for so long

Changed myself and my plans for him

Oh what does he do for me?

Kick me out

When it all gets too familiar

Too much of the same

So he wants wild

Here it is

Here it is

The End

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