Good girl, Bad girlMature


Good girl, bad girl

Were all full of contradictions

But I'll straddle the line

Challenge your definition of what it means to be a woman

What it means to be human


So you want to look up my mini dress?

But you won't worship the center of my universe...

So what good are you?

You don't even make a good tool


I'm asking for it

And your not giving it

I'll tell you line by line what gives me fire works

but you'll stop when I'm yours

So here I am in your ball and chain

Tell me is this what I signed up for?


Touch me, Tease me

But don't you dare forget to vacum underneath the couch

Yeah I said

I want a new world man

Not someone who preens or flexes

Get down and dirty in those corners

Inbetween those tiles


The End

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