A is for AbortionMature


Shh…they don’t want you to know…

So she stays nameless faceless

They don’t want you to know

Somewhere out there, there’s a girl just like you

Drinking juice and crackers and sent on her way

But I say throw your stones

I’m not sorry!


Lay down your arms

I’ve got photo shop too

Crop, cut and paste

You can make scary pictures

But you’ll never ever make a monster out of me

I’m not sorry!


We got reasons but you don’t want to hear them

One sided as always

I’d be willing to hear your case

But I can’t hear past the preachin’

Your preachin’ the blues

and I’m just not feeling it

I’m not sorry!


A is for abortion

B is for bugger off…

If ya don’t I’ll move on right to F…

The End

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