Rock BottomMature


Lately I’m the statue never the pigeon

All I want is my own solid control

Not bound by addiction

Who am I?

Does this feel like me?

Not the me ,I wanted to be

Not the me ,I always dreamed I could be



So this is rock bottom?

But is it the end of this apocalypse?

Is up the only way this can go?

Perhaps it’s time to stop depending on fate

Waiting for luck

Rock bottom please free me

Free me

Free me


They make me accountable but they just won’t absolve me

But what do I say I’m sorry I won’t do it again

It’s a lie I’ll drink until I drown

But I’ll say it anyway

I’ll sing that same old playful tune

But it’s not what makes me




I love me I think

It’s hard when I’m a pointed gun

You try and dodge the bullets


But after awhile it’s just easier to shrug your shoulders and say I tried




I want to claim this life as my own

But there’s so much I just don’t want to own

Looking back is so hard to do

All I have are excuses

Same old words said different ways

And always so defensively

And there’s always someone new to blame

I just don’t need another reason to hate myself




Life goes on

Life goes on without me

The only thing that keeps me going

The thought that am missing it all

Good or bad or indifferent

I’m missing it all

The End

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