hard to resist

partially inspired by Alice Walker's "I said to poetry" and Kirsty MacColl's tune "In These Shoes." I may or may not make a song out of this to add to my record in progress.

I have a friend,
one of my best friends.
She's married, but I love her.
I'm not in love with her right now  
(though it could've happened if I wasn't a stand-up guy)
maybe what Harry told Sally doesn't hold water.

I have another friend;
one of my best friends.
She might be in love with me,
and I really like her.
So I say,
"I want you to kiss me as hard as you can."
But when i'm done holding on, I feel guilty,
and I've violated the first rule.

Ann, my married friend, says: "Ed, face it -
you are in the desert, and she is your oasis."
And I say, "Ann,
an oasis is very nice,
but it's an illusion and unfair.
And drinking sand gives me ulcers."

It's been seven years since I've been kissed;
I know beautiful things are hard to resist.

Ann says frantically: "Ed,
come on, you have no choice;
you have another cat scan in the morning.
what more do you want?"

And I say, "Well.

I guess I'll settle when I'm dead."

The End

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