Two Forever!

Two is my favourite number. There are several reasons for this.

Firstly, and least importantly, my birthday is on the second of August, but I didn't even realise that as a reason until a couple of years ago when I suddenly connected my favourite number with my birthday.

Secondly, and most importantly, the number one, two and three are always important and well-known even to very young children. The number one has always been the winner. You win by coming first in a race, first prize for an essay competition, et cetera et cetera. And I don't like this. I don't like the number one always winning everything. It gets on my nerves. The number three is everyone's 'magic' number, although seven is the truly magic number, according to the Bible. So I am left with two. Two never wins. Two never is called magic. It's just right.

Finally, my least favourite number is twenty-two, for the simple reason that it's downright copying. You can't have two of the same number in one number! It's just criminal, and that has always been my view, although my best friends always laugh at me, I know it to be right and just. And the more recurring twos there are the less I like the number. Infinite twos would be Hell. They can't think of their own numbers so they have to borrow, and borrow several times.

It reminds me of French numbers. They give me Hell. The number ninety-seven, for instance, is not merely composed of the elements ninety and seven. Oh no! It is quatre-vingt-dix-sept. For goodness sake, that could mean anything. So sixty is soixante, seventy is soixante-dix, then eighty ruins the pattern with quatre-vingt, which could just mean twenty-four for all we know, and then ninety is just absurd. And what's with the dropping the 's' off deux cents when you add anything off the end? Or using twenty and one WITHOUT HYPHENS (vingt et un) and then saying vingt-deux as if there was nothing disordinary. Okay, this is completely off the subject. Suffice say it, Maths in French (if you get me) must be absolute Hell (sorry if I've used that word three times in about four hundred words). Anyway...

Two forever!

The End

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