Happy 5-11!!! (What's your lucky number?)

Just me blabbering on about... Well... Stuff. :)

As the title states, it is May Eleventh.  Many of you don't know this, but all elevenths are holidays in my book! 

(Well, minus 9-11...  Al Quaida went ahead and ruined that one...)

Alas, this does not encompass most (if not all) of you, so that is why I am encouraging eveyone who reads this to find their own lucky number between 1 and 27 (if you don't already have one) and make it part of your daily life.  What it has done for me is eliminate much of the thought process of choosing something.  I just pick number 11 (it makes Deal Or No Deal a whole lot simpler)!

For instance, I now no longer have to ask myself how long i'm going to pay attention to Mr. Culvahouse as he lectures me relentlessly every day.  (I only listen for about .11% of each of his classes)  Same with how many times a week I will obey with my dad!  (I usually aim for something around...  idk, -11?)  Now, I don't have to worry about what fret to start all of my songs!  (I start every single song on the 11th fret of the E string, so everything I write is in the Key of Eb.  This annoys the hell out of my music theory teacher!  I may not be moving forward in her class, but the look on her face is worth it)

Altogether, a lucky number is important.  If you don't have one, get one.  ;)

Post about YOUR lucky number.  :) 

The End

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