happiness is the questionMature

happiness , like who knows but it is after all different for everyone, we can only determine true happiness by our selves, no help

So the question is, are we happy with our self and the life that we lead??

Things to think about,

  1. Do I feel satisfied with who I am
  2. Do I feel satisfied with the people in our life
  3. Am I constantly looking for something more to my life, but are unsure with what it is I am searching for.
  4. Do I feel somehow I may have taken the wrong turn in my life, and this isn’t exactly where I wanted to be in life
  5. Do I sometimes think is this all, isn’t there anything else
  6. Am I just surviving or am I living
  7. And mainly am I Happy
  • Do I like my life and the people in it
  • Do I like myself and the way I am
  • And is this where I am supposed to be, am I doing what’s best for me, and living a happy life.

These questions are asked all the time, and yet we don’t seem to know the answer, some of us look to others to help us find the answers, some lose hope. But we should never stop asking these questions until we know the answer and the answers are satisfying

By trying to look at ourselves and our life from the outside, instead of just seeing what we see when we look from our perspective, (seeing outside the box and thinking) can help us figure out the faults in our life then we can try to fix them, once they are fixed we may then look at ourselves again and ask these questions of life, if our answers have changed then you have have taken the first step toward happiness.

And happiness is the key to success. But success takes time, and during that time we mustn’t lose hope on what’s important , which is our happiness , we live only once on this eath and it would be a shame to mess it up.

And remember success isn’t being rich, living in a mansion and having everything money can buy, ( unless that is what makes you truly and deeply happy) it is just living and loving feeling good about yourself and your life, but never being too proud .  It doesn’t matter how many riches you have and people you have in your life, all that matters is that whatever you have, you are happy with it and you wouldn’t change a thing. 



The End

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