Chrysta went to every class on time everyday. Her uniform was still itchy, but she was slowly getting used to all the grays and drab colors. At least the grass is still green. Harriet linked arms with her constantly. She wondered if this was what friendship was really like; clingy and talkative. 

She wasn't sure why Harriet was so insistent on being with her all the time. Chrysta didn't feel like she was the social type and didn't plan on it either. Every now and then, she would check to make sure her hat was on at all times and that it covered her golden locks. Always feeling like she was being watched. She was, but not for the same reasons. 

One of the classes she truly enjoyed was theater. Chrysta didn't act, she instead did the back round things like scenery. Most of the class consisted of black haired students, but there were a few with brunette hair. 

Chrysta placed her elbow on her desk and rested her chin in her palm, looking down at a book. It was a textbook on history. Chrysta wasn't sure all of it was accurate, but it was what she was being tested on. 

"Hello," a timid voice next to her hissed. She looked up and refocused her eyes on a boy sitting next to her. His hair was dark brown, close to black but not quite. Chrysta felt herself stiffen with suspicion.

"Hello," she whispered back. She didn't want to talk, but her response seemed to just encourage him. He scooted his seat closer to hers. 

I guess he's cute, in a strange way. She gazed at him more closely now. Freckles were speckled across his nose and cheeks below his light brown eyes. His smile was crooked, but it added to his charm. 

"I'm Bobby."

The End

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