The small beep of the machine worried Chrysta. 

But a siren didn't go off.

There wasn't a red light.


Oh my god.

I'm in.

Chrysta looked around herself. Looks like no one had noticed two people going in at the same time. She couldn't believe it. She actually got in. 

Ma and Da would be so proud of me right now! I can finally begin!

Trying her best to not run to the School, Chrysta knew that she would only take off her hats to wash her hair. When her hair was wet, it looked like it was brown and she couldn't walk around with wet hair constantly. Luckily for Chrysta, everyone got basic education until they were 15. She purposefully went a county over so that no one would recognize her from anything previous. 

16 is the age where your hair reaches the color its going to be for the rest of your life until it turns white, or gray. 

None of the new students had brought luggage with them. In a sense, you were leaving your previous life behind, making new paths with higher education. 


Chrysta opened her new closet. Her uniforms lined the inside, and her shoes were on a small rack on the floor. She looked over at her bed, adjacent to another single person bed. There was one bathroom in the small apartment-looking dorm. A mini kitchen sat in the corner with tile floor. Aside from the tile by the kitchen and bathroom, the carpet was soft and dark maroon. 

"Hello!" A perky voice sounded behind Chrysta. She jumped violently, which was followed by a mess of giggles, "I'm Harriet!" 

The girl had bright blue eyes and dark brown hair that was short, and curly. Her face looked a little chubby, but she was quite thin. 

"I-I'm Chrysta," She stuttered. 

She wasn't used to people being nice to her. She didn't know how to act, what to say or anything!

Harriet held out her hand in a friendly gesture, "I guess you and I are going to be room mates for the next forever!" Chrysta nodded slowly. She's almost too quirky.

The End

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