I wrote this about a guy I met on the net a while ago. He grabbed the heart of every girl he ever met, even though we all knew he was out of our league - he was kind, generous, brave... And then, one day, he left us all. He went off to war, and thankfully came back safely. I've talked to him once since then, and he has a wife and child now, and is happily settled. To this day, he's the person who's touched me most in my life. Even though I know what true love is now, I'll never stop missing him.

I grew up with you,
Barely standing to your shoulder.
Kind and fierce
Best of all of us.
She grew up without you,
Look at her smiling as she holds him.
You did this, gun-man.
Abandon and deceit
Crushed them all into hope.

You never knew me as one of them,
Though you shot me soon after we met.
Dark horse heartthrob
Dancing in your underpants.
Father, brother, teacher,
Quit giving us a chance.
You sent me to sleep
While you slipped away from us all
With your last bullet.

Last I heard,
You'd shot a newly-wed
Bearing your child.
Gun-man, I hope it's fatal this time.
The End

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