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Species/Tribe: Her tribe consists of bird/human-like creatures. Varying from every and any kind of bird. The rarest of the tribe species bird is Aurora's kind, because they are the most likely singers, they are being killed. Aurora is one of the very few left, as as her family. 

Home: Always blue skies scattered with white clouds, green luscious grass, dark brown tree bark with lime green leaves. Never too cold or too hot. Rains when the plants need it and shining when they don't.

Name: Aurora Blue

Region: Summer-time, easy-going region

Species: Swan/Human-like

Physical Traits: 5'3, feminine muscular body, white sparkling feathers covering her whole body, Big ocean blue eyes, A humans nose, mouth, and general face, feathers start at the front of the ear, white pearl-like skin on face, pouty lips and white eyebrows, small button-like nose, Long white wings(6ft. wing span), 3 toes, 5 fingers, longer white silky hair where scalp is, always braided except when asleep, can see a raisin from a 100-mile distance; also can read a persons face like an open book(so she always knows your mood), can hear a nut being cracked within a 6-mile radius, smells all kinds of foods, One long scar down her left and right forearms, a musical almost bell sounding voice.

Reason for traveling: She's a loner, her parents have died and so have all of her brothers and one sister, no reason left for her to stay, she wants to move and start anew even if it means leaving behind her summer paradise. Plus, she wants to meet friends, considering she's never had any because of her two scars, that'll like her for her.

Personality: Happy despite her hard life, quite a beauty if it weren't for her scars(in her region or tribe, a female having a scar is not a desirable trait to have. She doesn't have any friends because everyone in her tribe usually judges a book by its cover) calm except when there's a fight, always ready to protect herself and anyone she thinks of as a friend, very emotional but can control her way of expressing her emotions, not quick to accuse or jump to anger, a surprising personality, intelligent when it comes to streets not so much when it comes to books, considered a great warrior by many in her tribe, very graceful, she usually comes to love everyone even those who tease her because she doesn't look like everyone else. (-Later on in the story you will figure out how she got her scars and how her parents died.-)

Weapon: Can use any weapon, quick reflexes, sharp pointy teeth, very flexible and can fly high for a long time, has a long endurance of pain and can last 4 days without water and 3 weeks without food before death, if something bites her, the thing will become poisoned by her blood, she is a singer (Rebirth can be her score lines power?), hasn't lost any powers.

The End

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