Character: AlaricMature

Full name/Title: Alaric Rheele

Sex: Male

Native Region: Savanna; Grasslands; Desert

Physical Traits: *Consult full description in Species bio (Bipedal; covered in thin, soft fur ranging in color; long limbs, lean but muscled frame; eyes of a lion, horns of a jackalope, whiskers of a lion; facial structure primarily human with heavy lion influences; dozens of razor sharp teeth; retractable claws; five-fingers on each hand, four toes on each foot; long lion-tail; lion ears.). Alaric has golden eyes, white bodily fur, and a black mane that he keeps in a long braid. He has scars and tattoos all over his torso, lower arms, and up his neck, along with leather straps crisscrossing his biceps, decorated with small silver ornaments that make no sounds.

Personality: Alaric is a warrior, through and through. He is the Alpha male in his pride. He can be vicious and cruel, but tempers such behaviors with stoicism and logic. His mate balances him out with her soft heart and kind mannerisms. Alaric's brutality can be seen while he is on the hunt; he freely gives in to the savage part of his nature. Though Alaric enjoys being a beast of the wild, he endeavors to educate himself at every opportunity. In his lifetime, he's learned a number of languages in the hopes of treaties with other species.

Reason for Travelling: Is on a hunt when he discovers a strange shifting of the energies; hoping to protect his people without involving them, he goes off in search of the source of the mysterious changes.

Weapon of Choice: Horns, claws, teeth, whip, and his bow. He carries knives and a staff in case of emergencies.

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