Location: Zjar'karathMature

Official Name: Zjar'karath Swamps (Bane waters swamp - Nixxi'ath)
The swamp, the bog, mist valley, that hole, Zjar

The bog is known for several nefarious reasons and avoided by any traveler with any form on common sense. It's chief landscape consist of small islands and hills basking in the black swallow swamp waters.

The Bog itself is located at the bottom of a valley, constantly flooded in mist, which combined with the massive vegetation makes sunlight very scarce even during the mid day peak. 

The fauna consist mainly of large insects, amphibians, reptiles and small mammals as the terrain is not suited for large creatures. Vermin and parasites are extremely common.

The flora itself consist mainly of large gray canopy trees, algae, ivy, mushrooms, fungus and moss. Quite a few creatures and plants have developed bioluminescence due to the lack of natural light.


The End

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