Species: NixxiansMature


Order: Egg laying Mammals
Terrain: Temperate Land/Swamps
Diet: Hematophages (Blood drinkers)
Activity: Mainly nocturnal

Basic Description: Pangolin/Vampire bat hybrid

Nyxxians are bipedal creatures who's back is covered in keratin scales of grey color(In Asexual members) And black with green (Male) or Red hues (Females)

They posses strong hindlegs with five stabilizing clawed fingers and their forelegs ends in three massive talons, They however do not posses opposable thumbs.

They also posses large bat-like wings on their backs which can be used to glide but not fly for asexual members. Sexuate members of the specie can fly normally(1)

Asexual members reach around 4 to 5 feet length and 3 feet height at the shoulder. Sexuate members are around 6-7(Male) and 10 feet long (Females with egg sack) Asexuals are bulkier than their sexuate counterpart, who are rather slender.

(1) Females with egg sack cannot until the sack has been removed.

Nixxians are divided into three gender; Asexual, male and female with a ratio of 50:1 (A/M) and 5:1 (M/F)

After reproduction, queens will lay many eggs which will hatch when incubated by other Nixxians. When born, the hatchlings will require milk-feeding from a female for a handful of days.

Unless fed a special mixture to stimulate the newborn's hormones, the child will develop into an asexual, their reproductive organs never developing. If the hatchling is fed royal jelly however, he will develop into either male or female depending on his or her genes.

Nixxians are predominantly hunters based upon a single queen colony/tribes but have recently organised into a centralized hierarchy controlled by an Empress known as Angra Mainyu.

Nixxians have a hive mentality (But not a hive mind) where they see their own need as trivial against that of the colony and empire. Colonies are known to hold congresses where every member reunite in a single location and information are shared and tasks are reorganized.

Due to their rather poor ability to sustain themselves in an organized manner, Nixxians have taken into slavery, abducting members of other races to serve them. Although extremely controlling, Nixxians are not known to be abusive to the slave population, as they understand the importance of their servants. Their main methods of acquiring slaves are via conquest and forced breeding.

Despite what scheming males would like, females are the supreme authority of a colony and  drones would not hesitate to tear arrogant princes to shreds at the request of their mother. Princes however take a more active role as military leaders, diplomats, scholars and overseers.

Nixxians posses next to no technology of their own as they lack the capacity to manufacture any. They have however adapted captured slave's tools.

Nixxians posses are social creatures and when not working or resting are prone to socialization with themselves and even slaves. Social grooming, play fighting, napping and discussing.

Although asexual posses only a somewhat limited vocal range of sounds, they can communicate roughly with other species. Princes and Queens have a much wider range and are known to be fluent in several other languages.

The species posses a crude written phonetic language which is engraved on wood or soft stones, which are either left as markers or carried by slaves.


Eye sight: Weak, but not impaired by low lighting condition.
Sense of smell: Very strong, can track preys easily.
Hearing: Above average, can hear a wide range of frequencies.
Sense of taste: Nonexistent
Sense of touch: Weak due to their carapace.

Exceptional, can be forced for days without rest or food after gorging on blood. Strong resistance to poisons due to their natural habitat. They may also sustain substantial damage before dying.

Rather slow, most often walk on four legs but adopt bipedal stance for combat.  Decent swimmers and good climbers on trees. They have rather poor lateral flexibility.

Scales cover their back which can resist most claws and stone weapons attack. Their wings are however prone to being torn and do not heal without assistance of medicine. They can also roll into tight balls, making them very hard to wound with piercing or slashing attacks.

The most common method of attacking are claw swipes and pouncing onto enemies and biting arteries to drink blood or rupture arteries. They prefer ambushing or surrounding enemies rather than frontal assault. 

Only males and females may become singers although the latter rarely bother as they have very few reasons to due to their main occupation being breeding or controlling the colony.

The End

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