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Full Name/Title: Swarmlord Qliphoth (Kli-phot)

Native Region: Zjar'karath (Sinister/Misty Bog) - Native of the main colony, Z'ath (Zi-At)

Specie: Nyxxian - Pangolin/Vampire bat

Physical Traits:
As typical to Nyxxian males, the swarmlord is made in length rather than size, his scales are black with dark green edges while his two eyes are sunken and glow lightly in the dark in a sickly green tone. 

His scales, flesh and wings shows wear, scars and tears from past battles. He is the second oldest male Nyxxian alive and currently in late middle age for sexuated members of his specie.

As only one in twenty sexuate males reach adulthood due to fierce rivality, Qliphoth had to be one of the most ruthless and scheming one to make it as old as he currently is. Unlike his beloved empress, he does not share her vision of the world and holds other races in spite.

He would rather have the other species enslaved or exterminated than adapted into their society.

Reason for Travelling:
As swarmlord for his kind, he is in charge of conquering new territories so the nyxxian empire may expand and swallow the other lesser beings.Due to his old age, he prefers to stay away from the main combat and instead guide his legions and support it with his powers.

Since his species are devoid of opposable thumb, he is incapable of wielding any form of weapon beyond his natural ones; Each hands are composed of three massive claws, often used to attach to another being while draining him of his blood, all the while being protected by the species' natural armor.

He is also known for being a potent singer, but only focusing upon the movements of death and decay.

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