VII - Nations & Corporations


Many of the 21st century nations have survived but many have not and changed into something else. 

Franco Iberian Alliance
Composed of: France, Spain, Portugal, Belgium
The FIA is less of a country and more of an alliance between european nation in the face of being overwhelmed by South American, African and Asian space exploration achievements. The four nations have pooled their colonization and exploration into one entity.

North African Coalition
Composed of: Most of north-africa with the exception of Egypt.
The NAC functions much like the 21st century european union, allying many countries under a charter of common values and currency. One of the rules of the NAC is forbidding solo space exploitation, forcing members to cooperate.

Pan Arab State
Composed of Saudi Arabia, Iran, Irak, Syria, Egypt, Palestine, Turkey
It took a very long time for the Middle east to put their difference between them and form into a single state. Although tensions still exist between Sunni and Shia, the state itself is purely secular.

South American Successor State
Composed of most of south and central America.

Following inner political turmoil and international crisis, several south american states merged into one entity came to protect South and Meso American interests in the world in the face of Euro imperialism.


Orochi Industries
One of Earth's largest corporation, Orochi named after the many headed mythical serpent became a monster of it’s own, absorbing smaller companies until forming a virtual monopoly of east asian resources. Originally a Japanese corporation, Orochi now control most assets in Japan, Korea, China and India.

Although they produce virtually anything, from consumer products to specialized engineering tools, their main focus has become space exploration. Orochi operates it's own corporate owned colonies, both in the solar system and out of it.

Titan Aerospatial
An Independent Greece based corporation, Titan operates several orbital shipyards and asteroid belt based mining operation. Titan is contracted by the EDEF for many of it’s warships.

Gorgon Defense Systems
Gorgon has always been an odd entity. As weapons manufacturer, they have never been afraid to test their gear in the field of battle. Even to this day, they maintain mobile security contractors across the galaxy. They also equip the EDEF’s troopers with the finest weapons on the market.

Mars Industries
The Franco-Iberian industry titan Gregory Mars, took advantage of late 21st and early 22nd century turmoil and put his engineering genius to the task of creating a new generation of weapons of war, suited for both space and planetary combat. With the Morning war and previous escalation, this made him one of the richest man on earth and one of the first to be subjected to the new rejuvenation technology.

The End

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