VI - Human Culture

The culture of humanity since branching out into the big empty has only gotten more diverse as conditions on other worlds or in space have changed cultures, while advances in technology have completely changed the meaning of life.

Earthlings, Spacers, Colonials and Virtuals

Four big categories exist that divide humans, that of their birthplace and how they were raised.

Also known as: Earthborn, Terran
Is the name given to those who hail from Earth, birthplace of humanity and humanity’s most populous world. Earth being overpopulated is a rigid class based society, a large part of humanity’s extra planetary exploits being under the control of megacorporation now spanning the galaxy.

Earthlings are by far the most nostalgic of the cultures, longing for the good old days. National and ethnic ties are the most important of all, as Humanity never gave up the ways of nation states.

Also known as: Voiders, Void Walkers, Spaceborn
Those who live in space; whether on ships or habitats are known as spacers. Most spacers are nomads, children of Earthlings who left in search of better pastures; explorers, traders, pirates, military or extra-planetary miners.

Life is space is harsh, resources and space are limited and thus spacers tend to be more frugal and down to earth, thinking about immediate survival. Unlike Colonials and Earthlings, ties to Earth culture are thin for spacers who typically identify only with their habitat or the EDEF.

Also known as: Colonyborns, ExtraSolars, Solars
The colonies entertain odd relations with their Earth origins, a mix of dislike and a sense of belonging. Colonials tend to idolize earth culture, but also desire for their own identity as nations. More than one colony have created their own language to help this process.

Where spacers tend to think in terms of now, Colonials tend to think in term of long-end goals. Terraforming efforts such as those on Mars and Venus or 2nd wave colonies will not truly bear fruits for centuries and as such, they keep on dreaming on their domed colonies, knowing the future will be bright.

Although AIs are produced by all factions of humanity, Virtuals experience their upbringing in a different way. Created already mature, AIs are slowly socialized as a human children would be to reach a level of maturity deemed appropriate before being let loose into the world. AIs tend to be created for specific task and their legal status is dubious in many jurisdiction, with many being used as indentured servants.

New Human Subcultures

Human advancement of technology have give birth to many new sub cultures and factions, all seeking to answer the question of “What should be done with what we have?”

Preservers are a movement having arisen after the discovery of alien lifeforms. Preservers believe that alien worlds should be left alone to develop as nature dictates and that the EDEF should enforce a hands-off policy with them.

With the advent of brain uploading technology used to transfer egos from one body to the next, it wasn’t long before someone asked “Why do we even need bodies?” thus the digitals were born, people opting to leave corporeal existence and exist within simulated environment, their mind emulated by computers and all work accomplished with the use of drones.

“When one lives forever, what is the point of living?” Is the question that drives the Once Born, a conservative faction that eschew brain uploading and ego downloading, preferring to live a single, eventful and meaningful life. Many once-borns have religious concerns for their avoidance of ego technology while others have ethical concerns about the use of force-growth clones.

The ability to download ego into new bodies also gave rise to a new opportunity; nothing was stopping anyone from downloading themselves into multiple bodies and live multiple lives at once. Gemini lives in multiple bodies, using ego compiling every so often to merge the experience of different skins into one consciousness before downloading the new gestalt into their bodies.

With the rise of genetic engineering and cybernetic technology, many humans claim that the current progress are not enough, desiring to significantly alter humanity’s biological nature. Some even experiment with the idea of uplifting earth species into intelligence.

Neo Luddites
A rather extremist faction, Neo-Luddites reject most advances made ever since the 21st century in term of ego uploading, genetic engineering, AI creations and many more advanced technologies. Several groups have managed to settle into space to create their own semi-primitive societies.

Tone and Theme

The key element to human existence remains diversity, despite centuries since first leaving for the stars, humanity remain divided for better or for worse, nation states, religions and ethnicity remain just as strong as in the 21st century, but added are the divide of lifestyle and planetary origins.


The End

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