V - EDEF Military Tech


Transtactic APC M1330:

Nicknamed the Tack Frog by EDEF The M1330 was developed by Mars Industries as a multi-terrain carrier for EDEF missions to Third Wave Colonies. Since the Third Wave colonization has begun, Mars industries has updated there APC’s to account for unknown terrain and hostile life forms. The T-APC M1330 has a carrying capacity of 30 men including 2 operators. The M1330 is a half-track vehicle with amphibious capability thanks to its high powered titanium propellers and is fitted with a Dual-sync Gauss Cannon. As with standard APCs, The M1330 computer systems have an on deck AI which keeps track of camera, radar, and audio inputs.

VacRat M160:

The VacRat is a common ATV developed by Mars Industries. Their M160 model is fitted with metal studded treads for traction in icy environments. The VacRat M160’s RPD ( Retractable Pressurized Dome) can account for a secondary occupant and also allow the operator to drive at slow speeds unlike the previous VacRat M80 and M120 models.

Gemini LT M5 :

The Gemini is a newer Light tank made for foreign environments, but ready for use of extreme firepower. Unlike other LT’s the Gemini is unique for its split operator cannons and dual navigation system. Two operators can control a cannon of their own, and drive the LT respectively. Its state of the art navigation system known as IRTC (Instant Radial Track Computation) allows the operators to change driving direction instantaneously, without causing complications between both operators.


Locust M6 :

The Locust is is a coil assault rifle developed by Gorgon. Compared to previous models the GTM4 is able to switch from 3 firing modes: Single shot, Triple burst, and Fully automatic. The standard clip can hold 40 Ferromagnetic slugs, and can work with military issued Quad-set Mag Packs to allow for quick clip replacement. The Locust can fire with extreme accuracy when switch to single shot, and comes attached with dual sights, thermal and holographic.

Gargoyle RPKS:

Developed by Gorgon, the Gargoyle RPKS is a variant of the standard RPK. Fitted with a red-dot sight and very lightweight, the Gargoyle fires 700 5.56mm rounds per minute. However it is not compatible with Quad-set Mag Packs, so reloading times vary on the user.

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