IV - Native Fauna

Eos II does not possess any vertebrate with all land and aquatic creatures being invertebrates; either worm like or possessing an exoskeleton.

Diver  Worm
A small predator, Diver worms (Technically a millipede) have sticky legs and tail making them able to climb trees and cavern walls where they wait for a prey before dropping on them, their bite is poisonous, being strong enough to be able to cause paralysis in adult humans and fatal reaction to smaller prey.

Egg Worm
Large cat sized worms, egg worms typically crawl along the ground and consume large amounts of plant matter before developing a large egg sacks and producing up to hundreds of eggs depending on how much it gorged. Egg worms are passive and mostly flee when endangered.

Chameleon Roach
A large insect like creature, the chameleon roach is the largest known predator of Eos II, typically waiting in ambush for it’s prey. Chameleon roaches are able to remain dormant, waiting for weeks at a time.

Spaying Beetle
Somewhat similar in shape to earth beetles, this creature the size of two fists is normally a peaceful herbivore but when threatened, they expulse a cloud of a powerful irritant.

Gladiator Crabs
Territorial hunters, gladiator grabs are large sized amphibian crustacean typically nesting in pools of water. Their left pincer is large while the right one is more alike scissors.

Leech Roach
A thumb sized insect, leech roach feeds on blood with their powerful forearms used to punch open carapaces. They are a common parasite

Silk Wasp
Small sized insects, silk wasps live in colonies and are able to fly around. They create nests of silk much like communal spiders. They are primarily predators but also feed on sweet fruits and nectar.


The End

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