III - Eos II


Discovered two decades ago, Eos was one of the new third wave colony to be built. Primary survey discovered the presence of plentiful and diverse life across it’s surface and earth like conditions. Three years ago, it was settled by the Shiva Industries for a research and colonization mission.Seven month ago, it went dark, losing it’s communication beacon for causes unknown…

Adjective: Eosian (Pronounced Eo-Zian)

Planetary Statistics

  1. Orbit is fairly eccentric.
  2. Covered 84% in salt water oceans.
  3. Has three continent: Darwin, Einstein, Newton
  4. The Year is 1241 days with long seasons, winter is extremely harsh.
  5. Eosian Days are 26 hours
  6. Atmosphere is 1.2 times thicker than earth’s and composed similarly but with 3% less nitrogen, 2.5% more oxygen and .5% higher amount of different trace gas.
  7. Gravity is 1.1 times that of earth.

Identified Native Life forms Trivia

  1. Largest animal recorded during survey was approximately the size of a large house cat. 
  2. Fauna is composed unique of invertebrates, mostly worms, insects and crustaceans.
  3. The local Fauna’s blood is primarily green due to it’s Chlorocruorin basis, some forms of aquatic worms however have haemocyanin based blood, giving them a blue color.

Human Occupation Statistics

  1. Population: Estimated at 12’000 Egos
  2. Largest Settlement: The Hub, 10’000 inhabitants
  3. Mission Designation: Research, Colonization
  4. Independence Status: Not attained
  5. Primary Language: Urdu

Exploitation Potential Statistics

  1. The planet possess large amounts of fossil fuels. Notably petroleum and Coal.
  2. Soil is extremely rich in Nitrate but highly acidic. 
  3. The planet's crust is filled with valuable minerals and elements including Iron and Tungsten but low on Fissionable materials.
  4. Lifeforms are compatible with human biology in term of nutrients after enzyme treatment has been applied to colonists. Possible pharmaceutical and genetic engineering potential.
  5. Planet's flora has developed wood, allowing logging as a potential source of revenue.
  6. Extremely large quantities of water available, both in salt water oceans and from the subterranean aquilifer.

Mission Charter

To be able to petition for independence from patron organization and entry into the Earth Directorate, the Colony of Eos II must be eligible for all of the following criteria.

  1. Have a population of at least 200’000 different Egos.
  2. Have a standing defense force of 5’000 equipped and trained under the EDEF standards and at least two cruisers with fighter detachment
  3. Have a standing orbital elevator
  4. Have a functional Cloning and resurrection facilities
  5. Have an orbital or extra-planetary fuel refinery and dry dock.
  6. Have reimbursed a minimum of 157% percent of Colonization cost (After inflation if any) to Orochi Industries or EDEF if the former has disbanded.
  7. Hold a referendum with at least 60% of adult population voting ‘YES’ for Independence.
The End

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