II - Transhumanity

With the advances of neuroscience, medicine and computer technology it was only a matter of time before death became a thing of the past. Pioneered by solar colonies who were away from United nations sanctions, technologies now taken for granted were developed to counteract the dangers of space explorations.

Cortical Stack
A small almond sized implant placed in the spine, the cortical stack uses nanotechnology to monitors and record brain activity, pattern, chemistry, shape and more in order to record the body user’s personality and memories (referred to as Ego) and allow for transfer into new bodies.

Body transfer is a seamless process, the mind being emulated on a server as the process happens, creating no loss of consciousness or continuity. Regardless of which, several groups have spoken against body hoping, comparing it to suicide and letting a simulacrum take your place.

Remote Electronics Activation Cortex Transplanted Device (REACT)
An ubiquitous implant placed in the brain, it monitors activity and allows the user to activate wireless capable device with a thought. Civilians model often features built in comm, computers and augmented reality system which are frowned upon by military forces.

Genetics & Augmentation
The average human in the universe of Freeze Point is healthier, stronger, tougher and longer lived than their 21st century ancestors. Genetic engineering being employed to eliminate undesirable traits and emphasize desirable ones.

Living an average of 120 years without rejuvenation, healing twice as fast and being resistant to higher threshold of trauma, levels of radiation and the degenerating effects of microgravity as well as to be able to survive cryogenic suspension. Military bodies tend to be engineered with an emphasis on pack mentality, calm demeanor and a higher focus on patience, planning and solidarity.

Marine bodies also come with additional augmentation such as titanium laced bones, biological ballistic fiber laced into the skin and a reduced need for sleep (4 hours/night or 8 hours for 48 hour cycles)

Navy Bodies are slender but athletic, specifically engineered for agility and higher contortion ability. Their Neural framework is designed for patience to counteract the stress of living in space for years at a time. Like Marine bodies, their need for sleep is extremely reduced.

Artificial Intelligence
With the ability to record minds into digital datas, artificial intelligences are a common sight around the galaxy. Created based on human thought patterns and socialized as such, resulting in artificial egos not much unlike human born ones, but better adapted to computer environments.

Certain subcultures of human have abandoned flesh and uploaded their consciousness to be permanently emulated on a server. Similarly, AIs may download into human bodies although such a thing is rare as human bodies are inefficient for AIs to work from.


Health & Medicine
With advances in genetic engineering, the human population has never been healthier, most genetic illnesses, both physical and mental illness have been removed from the genome through RNA interference. Additional genes were encouraged or spliced in to help with general health. As a result, most medicine of modern times is primarily trauma centered.

Rejuvenation is a process by which the body is regenerated and damaged caused by aging and extreme trauma or exposure is healed with the uses of medical nanobots. Depending on problems, rejuvenation can take half a day to a week where the body is suspended in a liquid filled vat.

The End

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