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Founded on the aftermath of the morning war where humanity’s earliest extra-planetary colonies were destroyed in multinational conflict, the Earth Directorate was founded to prevent this situation to ever happen again. The ED is composed of all of Earth’s space-faring nation united under a single extra-planetary and extra-solar activities.

Although any nation or individual may create a colonization mission, only Earth Directorate Expedition Force is allowed to maintain standing armies and flotilla in space, any transgression being severely punished. EDEF maintains peace and security across hundreds of colonies and space habitats with it’s members being recruited from any nation, colony or habitat desiring to join.

Any colony is created with a mission charter, a requirement to fulfill certain needs toward it’s backing nation or organization before being allowed to petition for independence. Colonies are not allowed to maintain spaceborn forces and limited in what military equipment they may own, having to call the EDEF for support. A point of contention with the colonies desiring greater control over their own actions.

A colony having successfully petitioned for independence becomes a part of the EDEF, having to fill a quota of materials and men in exchange for the right to send representatives proportional to the total population of the united nations in order to exact laws and discuss policies.

E-DEF or E.D.E.F?
Pronunciation of the Earth Directive Expedition Force's acronym varies. Officials tend to to pronounce letters individually while Civilians and military tend to favor the E-Def pronunciation. Others simply say the E.F.


Humanity’s home and the most populous world in the galaxy, home to around twenty billion souls. Earth is still divided among nation states similar to those of the 21st century. Some of which are ruled by star spanning mega corporation such as Xenocorp or Shiva Industries, due to severe overpopulation, much of earth is covered in slums.

Sol System
Earth’s neighborhood, the Sol system was the first step of space colonization. Mars being the second most populated world with seven billion inhabitants in the domed city of the red planet, followed by the Lunar metropolis sprawling under Luna’s surface and the floating cities of Venus.

First Wave Colonies
The first extrasolar colonies were established in the neighboring stars of the Sun, although fairly ancient many colonies are only lightly populated due to unfavorable conditions. Many are little more than ressource collections stations and research outpost

Second Wave Colonies
Built much further, second tier colonies were chosen not for their proximity but for their desirability. Most are on originally lifeless planets with situations similar to earth.

Third Wave Colonies
The frontier of human exploration brought to light several spatial wonders, including alien lifeforms. Currently six planets have been discovered to have alien life on them. Eos II, Oceanus IV, Memnon I, Tithonus V, Oúrea III and Nyx VI.

Oceanus IV: A massive world covered with ocean on it’s surface, oceanus contains a lot of life, mostly fishes and crustaceans as well as plants.

Memnon I: A gas giant Bears life on it’s largest moon, primarily fungi who thrives in the sulfur heavy environment of the moon.

Tithonus V: A super massive planet, the sole world discovered to bear mammals. The planet is in pangea and supports large fern-like plants relatively large animal life forms. Wood has never evolved on Tithonus V

Ourea III: A world mostly made up of desert, it supports a large variety microscopic life forms at the cooler and wetter poles.

Nyx VI: A world receiving no light in the visible spectrum but plenty of infrared light. Nyx is covered by massive fungi colonies and symbiotic worm-like animals.

Eos II: [See dedicated Page]

Tone and Theme

The tone of the Earth Directorate is that of a failed utopia, space travel and ego technologies were supposed to solve all of our problems but they didn't... The ED is an organization trying to achieve the best for humanity but failing in many regards and having to make questionable choices and action for the betterment of mankind.

The End

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