Chapter VIII - The Law - Illegal GoodsMature


Ever since laws were invented, people wanted to keep people away from certain things, whether as a moral guard, due to danger of the item or for political reasons. Naturally, this opened a market to made fast money to people.

*Non-standard Bioroids - Bioroids are created with a few guidelines; they have to be new DNA blend (Not clones) they must be marked and lastly must be sterile. (Female bioroids are XY who have an androgen insensitivity, males are chemically castrated and given artificial hormones to go through puberty.)

*Xenofungus and Xenoworms -  Ever since the discovery of Eden people have gone almost crazy with the aliens. Quackery is rampant as people advertise the virtues of the alien plants and animals despite the fact that any access to the stuff is highly restricted (And that the Xeno lifeforms are highly toxic to consume)

*Dust is a new form of smart drug that was outlawed after it was found to have nasty side effects, yet demand is still high. Users find themselves hyper alert, focused and in a creative mood. Although favored by scientists and artists, prolonged usage leads to acute paranoia, sleep disorder and more mood disorder than can be counted. Doses also quickly ramp up as the user build an immunity very fast.

*Refrain is a drug that stimulate the section of the brain that focus on memory, conjuring visions of past events and a sense of euphoria. The drug is highly addictive and damage the section of the brain it interacts with. Those who use the drug often becomes unable to form new memories and tend to be unable to differentiate between present and past.



As Liberty was build on the principle of open trade and free market, few things are illegal in of themselves in Liberty but quite a lot of goods are over priced due to corporate monopoly, which leads to a massive gray market.


Novus as it was build on ecological principles has added several things that are perfectly normal on it's forbidden list.

*Combustion Engine - All engines on Novus and it's colonies are mandated by law to be fusion or electrically powered. 

*Meat - Due to ethical and ecological reasons, livestock and meat is illegal to own, sell or import on Novus colonies. 

*Weapons - Owning weapons and bearing them on Novus soil is largely illegal as only police and military personnel are allowed to own them. Tasers and irritant spray are still allowed though.


Valiance has a long history of illegal goods due to population control, religious reasons and propaganda.

*Independent Video, games and books - Valiance has a strict control of information and does everything it can to avoid having it's population be contaminated by foreign ideas. As such, any material is heavily scanned before being allowed for publication. 

*Drugs of any kind - While the other nations have largely loosed their legislation regarding narcotics, Valiance has not. This is partly due to religious reasons (as they emphasize strength and purity of body)  and for productivity issues. Even painkillers are by law required to be non-narcotic.

*Weapons - Valiance employs extremely strict control of all weapons and certain weapons such as Katanas are only allowed to be owned and wielded by nobles.


Unity has little that they outlaw by themselves although they have a strong drug and weapon control policies, which require permit to own or sell. Which can take quite a while to process due to the bureaucratic hell that Unity governmental services can be. It also has high taxes and thus let a lot of perfectly legal merchandise be sold as contraband.

The End

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