Chapter VII - Materials for a Job - Weapons & Combat GadgetsMature

While Weapon technology was explored earlier, there's still more to speak about. Who are those weapons, who use them and who creates them.

The Crew's Guns

Halberd Twelve-Seven is a heavy pistol used by Captain Alenko, it resemble a Glock 17, fire in a semi-auto fashion and loads .50 Caliber rounds (12.7mm) It holds a 6 bullet clip.

Itachi Ronin is a small pistols that is used by citizen and rent-a-cops everywhere. It is also the side weapon of the Valiance Army, it loads twenty-one bullets and can switch between semi-auto and three-round burst fire.

Damocles Archer is a personal hunting rifle that operates on bolt action and uses .304 rounds. It's comes with an internal magazine of five bullets. A detachable scope comes standard with the rifle.

Damocles Manhunter is a short barrel shotgun meant for personal defense, it has two barrels that can each load a single round.

Damocles Ambusher is a hold-out .22 pistol that is meant for the common man around the colonies. It is made of polymer rather than metal and is easily concealed due to it's small size. It can hold six bullets in it's clip and fire Semi-auto.

Mars Crusader is closer to a hand cannon than a revolver, the humongous monstrosity is meant to be used by augmented personnel.  The gun can hold five one inch bullet in it's barrel. It also comes with an additional grip and a detachable shoulder-stock. 

Mars Slayer is a high capacity fully automatic riffle that sees common action amongst mercenaries and armies alike. It comes with a reflex sight, laser dot pointer and can be fitted with an under-barrel knife or grenade launcher. 10mm, 35 ammo capacity.

Mars Catapult is a semi-automatic grenade launcher with a drum magazine that can hold up to twelve rounds. 

Itachi Samurai is a compact assault rifle that handles 9mm ammo and a twenty five round magazine or 50 rounds extended ones. It comes with a laser sight.

Itachi Wakizashi is a Sub machine gun used for close urban encounter and mainly used by police enforcement. It includes a fold-able stock, laser sight and a socket for a knife. ammo 9mm, twenty five rounds in magazine. 

Halberd Model 13 is a rifle that operate using magnetic propulsion, fully usable in a vacuum, it handles 10mm clips of 10 bullets. It fires in a Semi-auto fashion.

Mars Ballista is one of the verse's largest weapon, an anti-material sniper rifle. It handles one inch ammunition with a four bullet clip, use bolt action to reload and comes with a scope fitted for night vision. It also had a tripod for stabilization as firing while standing would break the person's arm.


Standard or Lead are regular bullets found in most weapons. 

Hollow Points are bullets shaped to more easily break, causing uglier damage but generally getting flattened by armor.

Armor Piercing or Tungsten-Carbide ammunition are used to pass through armor without the need for very high powered weapons or alternatively to punch through vehicle plating. 

Polymer Spikes are an alternate ammunition what are made of hard plastics that can easily pierce flesh but break on metal or hard polymer surfaces. They are intended for space use as they don't risk either piercing the hull or rebounding like metal bullets tend to do.

Melee Gears

Fights are always on the risk of breaking out in tight places or places where guns are not the best of ideas. Melee weapons are more popular than ever.

Swords have come back in style in the middle of the 5th century post planet fall as interplanetary conflict began again. Each nations have favored a style; Liberty used sabers, Unity using cross handled long swords, Valiance katanas while Novus has Kukri-like blades.

Knives are defined as any blade under 30 inches. Bowie knives, butterfly knives, dirks and machetes are very popular. Most knives are made of metal, but ceramic blades are popular as they pass through metal screeners.

Collapsible rods are thin metal batons with a weighted height that can shrink from 4' to 1' when closed. They are popular with cops and criminals alike.

Knuckles are now most often padded gloves rather than old fashioned fist worn gears. The gloves contain either metal shards or sand-like materials. 

Who makes these things?

Mars Industries is the favored manufacturers of psychopaths and those who seek to compensate for their lack of endowment. The Liberty based company cornered the market for high powered weapon and weapons meant to be used by augmenteds only. 

Itachi Zaibatsu is a Valiance manufacturer that is owned by the namesake house. They sell no thrills but very reliable weapons. Itachi's weapons almost exclusively use 9mm rounds.

Halberd is a Liberty manufacturer that deals in higher power than average weapon, include hand made grips on all their weapons and plenty of accessories and detachable add ons. 

Damocles is a Liberty provider of security service, personal security weapons as well as hunting gears. Damocles gears are very affordable.

Chivalry is the Verse' most important manufacturer of swords and other anachronistic weapons such as polearms or similar armor. They sell their products in ceremonial/display and combat-capable as a large quantity of their order are for museums, historians and rich collectors. 

The End

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