Chapter VII - Materials for a Job - The Ship: ICS CorvinusMature

Central to any jobs that freelancers accomplish is their Vessel and for Captain Jonathan Alenko and his crew, her name is the ICS Corvinus. She might be an old rusty shit box, but it's their rusty shit box, it's their home and their bread winner.

Black Hawks are notable as being manufactured mostly for private uses rather than military use and this contains larger living quarters and Cargobay as well as passenger bunks. 

While more lightly armed and armored than other ship of Corvette designation, it has a somewhat faster movement speed and range, designed to operate without the need of Carriers.


Registration: Independent Civilian Ship, Commissioned on Shiva on Oct 23rd, 953 APF.
Model: Black Hawk mk III
Manufacturer: Birds of Prey, Liberty. 
Class: Medium Size, Corvette.


Maximum Speed:  300 000 m/s
Acceleration: Two Hours for maximum speed, require bucked down crew.
Atmospheric Lift-off: possible due to under thrusters.
Maneuvering: 180 Turn in 3 seconds with maximum lateral thrusters (Note; very dangerous due to inertia)

Can reach one end of the system to the next in about six to eight months. 

Size and Tonnage

Ship Length: 286' 7'' (Full) 272' (Nose Less)
Ship Width:  180' 4'' (Wings not included)
Wing Span: 35' (Four wings, by sets of two at the back and front of the craft.)
Ship Height: 80'
Tonnage: 2600t (Empty of Supplies and Fuel)
Maximum Weight: 3000t


Passengers & Crew: 15 (One Suite, six single Cabins, four two-passenger dorm.)
Gravity: 0.4g
Oxygen Capacity: 6 Months of full time space flight.

Combat Capability

Armament: Two Head mounted Plasma Cannon, four side mounted point defense laser, twelve missile tubes.
Armor: Boron nitride ceramic ablative armor (Outer Layer), Ferotitanium plating (Inner Layer), Atmospheric blast shields. 
Equipment: Magnetic Grapple x 8 (four above, four under the ships's belly.) 
Evacuation: Two eight man shuttles.


Outside: Painted black with the ship's emblem painted on the left side of the Vessel, a Crow on a bred background, the words 'Remember Danu' written below it in white character. The right side bears the designation of ICS Corvinus in white.

Inside: The Living quarters are heavily featuring plastics and clean metal and have larger width. The cargo hold, service corridors, engineering and cockpit are much more rugged and worn. All furniture pieces are welded onto the floor or walls, or magnetically held there. Most loose items are Velcro-attachable. Containers feature locking bolts.


Note; Layers are numbered from top to bottom.

The Head is somewhat higher than the rest of the ship, it features to cockpit and scanners. Under the head are twin mounted plasma cannons. In the runway that lead to the nose there are hour access hatch to crew cabins.

Top/First Floor contain the mess hall as central piece, two cabins and the captain's suite (which includes a bedroom and an office) storage for goods, two washroom facilities. Five stair cases lead to other floors, one up to the nose, two to the cargo hold, two to the infirmary and passenger dorms there is also the viewing platform at the back of the floor.

Middle/Second Floor is mainly taken by the Cargo bay and the Engineering, a small part of the front of the vessel on this floor is dedicated to the infirmary and armory. The Cargo hold itself is on both the middle and bottom floor, with walkways leading to the shuttles, cargo floor and engineering.

Bottom/Third Floor is taken in large part by the Cargo bay, at the front of the vessel on this level are the four passenger's dorm. This level also holds the Airlocks that lead to the ground when docked on land.

Ship Facilities

The Cockpit contains the piloting and weapons controls.
Mess Hall is both the kitchen as well as the dinning room. It links the Top floor, the Head and the lower floor together.
Viewing Platform is a small relatively empty area of the ship where the hull was replaced with transparent hyper-solid glass, it is located at the back of the ship's top floor and is closed by a pair of blast doors with a two yard buffer zone for security reasons.
Cabins are small rooms that contain a single bunk, a small table with chairs and a computer terminal.
Captain Suite is composed of a slightly larger than normal cabin (four extra feet) and an office of equal size. 
Passenger Cabin are roughly the same size as the Captain's suite but holds a pair of collapsible bunks.
Engineering is the location that holds the fusion reactor, life support system propulsion engine and the Nexus nodes of the ship.
Infirmary is a somewhat crudely equipped facility that was set up by Dr. Chanda Kakkar.
Armory contains the crew's personal weapons, environmental suits as well as the loading pods for the ship's missiles. 
The Cargo Hold is the center of the ship, linking all floors together, holding the loot and also doubling as a gym due to being the only moderately open section of the ship. Runways occupy 3 of the four walls and it also links to the entrances of the shuttles and the blast doors to the airlock and docking side board on the second floor. Another feature of the Cargo Hold is the trash compactor, which rips to shred anything thrown into it, it is located in an open able panel in the floor's construction. The ICS Corvinus has also been modified to have additional removable panels to stash goods.

Equipment in the Hold

Bio-fuel powered ATV with Trailer
Bio-Fuel powered Bikes x 2
Water Tanks (4000L) x 4
Recharge Payload for Weapons
Spare Fuel Rods

The End

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