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The big ten corporations

Corporations have gotten a lot of power in the Verse, especially in Liberty where they run the show. The highest rated corporations are often more akin to small empires and have acquired extraterritoriality rights and many have expanded to posses their own little moon or cluster of asteroid.

XenoCorp Industries is the Verse' most powerful corporation, a recent development saw the previous CEO John Morgan the 23rd retire and his place taken by a man named Miles Rodriguez. XenoCorp is entirely privately owned, along with it's innumerable subsidiaries and specialize in building ships, weapons (with their sub-company Mars Industries) and works on fuel cells, superconductors and everything that makes life in space possible.

Nutri-Life is the Verse' largest agro alimentary corporation in the system, owning over 60% of all farmlands, (The remaining 35% being owned by other corporation and 5% being in private hands) It is also the sole owner of all lands on Liberty's moons of Chicago and Washington. Their subsidiary TrueFoods handles luxury goods, while the main branch is responsible for production of high-duration foods such as protein cakes.

Gestalt or Transience, depending on what nation you're currently in is the twin headed company that handles the majority of commercial augmentation. Valiance Laws do not allow embassies of other nations to be established on Valiance territory (Which are installed on the Guardian space station) and Mega-corporations due to their extra-territorial status would count as foreign soil. Therefore, Gestalt Inc created the sub-division of Transience, which handles all augmentation needs through Valiance territories.

Damocles Security doubles as a private security firm and a weapons manufacturer. They sell a wide variety of weapons for personal defense or sporting uses and are the prime manufacturers of body armor. They also offer services of personal or spatial escort.

Big Life Inc Is the Verse's largest creator of appliances and furniture and the owner of the Liberty moon Chicago where their mining operation of the metallic moon grants them most of their resources.

MicroLinks is the largest electronic's manufacturer around, producing large quantities of commlinks, personal or central computers as well as most software available through the Nexus, from games and educational software to military targeting algorithms. They also own several service providers such as InstaConnect, Horizon and Upload+.

New Hollywood is a large corporation responsible for the majority of music and film that are produced and distributed through the system. They operate hundreds of smaller studios that are semi-independent and publish their products as well as owning theater chains everywhere. 

Titan Hulls is the Liberty Navy's main supplier and the owner of the largest orbital shipyards in the verse, where they produce all sorts of vessels from civilian liners to massive dreadnoughts. 

Humanity+ is a medical and chemical manufacturing group that handles both development, research and production of drugs through the verse they are also responsible for the breeding of Bioroids in Liberty space. 

Terra-Genesis is the largest contractor in term of energy and life support system for both Colonies and Liberty. They produce energy in massive fusion plants and have build air recycling plants on most colonies which they maintain for a decent fee. They have gotten a bit of bad publicity after they switched off their Nemain Facility as the colonist could not pay. They own the Macro-Powers and Colony-Life Inc subsidiaries. 

Other Important Corporations

*Halberd Inc. (Novus)
*Itachi Zaibatsu (Valiance, Noble Owned)
*Krieger-Kämpfer Manufacture (Liberty)
*United Ammunition (Unity)
*Glory of Battle (Valiance State-Owned)

*Magellan Inc(Novus)
*Kamikaze (Valiance)
*Carter & Columbus Voyage (Unity)
*Birds of Prey (Liberty) Note; Producers of the Black Hawk Series.

*Liberty Food Co.
*Shiawase Zaibatsu (Valiance, Noble Owned)
*Whole Foods Market (Unity)
*Sun's Harvest (Unity)
*AgriTech (Novus)
*Tech+Food (Novus)
*Ocean's Bounty (Unity)

*Mortimer of Liberty (Luxury)
*Victory by Big Life (Casual & Work)
*Imperial Threads (Valiance State-Owned)
*Function+Style (Novus, Casual and Work)
*EcoStyles (Novus, Casual)
*Life Wears (Unity, Work)
*Loom's Harvest (Unity, Casual)
*Synth Silk (Unity, Luxury)
*Morgan's (Liberty, Luxury)

Names in the Shadows

While Crime wasn't common on the Arks, life on colonies was rough and eventually people sought the easy way out. While most crime syndicates of old earth are dead, many have taken their examples. 

The Yakuza are arguably the only criminal syndicate that survived the exodus more or less intact as Oyabun Tamaki and a handful of his advisors were aboard the ark. Their descendants have joined with Valiance and are half-way between the nobility and the populace. Due to need, they now allow non-Japanese from Valiance as well as women.

The Tongs might have disappeared, but they reformed very quickly in the ghettos of the core worlds and the colonies where the poor and immigrants flock to them for help, often taking large depts upon themselves. Tongs no longer have any ethnic groups linked to them, but the old name of Chinese immigrant hall stuck.

Pirates are back in full swing on the border worlds, while the core might be too well defended for the average pirate ship or gang, the border colonies rarely have as much defenses and civilian cargo and liners are excellent cash cows as few of them can afford escort. Pirate vary in term of  brutality as some will let the target go if they surrender while others will merely just shoot them.

Junkers are little more than scavengers that are particularly aggressive. While scavengers normally just search wrecks for goods, parts or scraps, Junkers usually get running ship and dismantle them. 

Cartels are now found in two kinds; Planetary and Stellar. Several things have been outlawed by most nations, drugs such as dust and refrain are especially good money opportunities as well as tailored combat stimulants that are illegal on outside of the military.

Government Offices


The National Bureau of Investigation handles investigations only on the national levels, as Liberty's police is entirely privatized. They often handle space investigation and those that cross jurisdictions.

Stellar Intelligence Agency handles matters of national security, cyber crime and espionage matters as well as classified information and projects of the Navy and Security Force.

Board of Licensed Enforcers is a group that supervise the interaction between private law enforcement and security firms.

Liberty Navy and Liberty Security Force are groups in charge of security across Liberty space, the former taking part in offences and military maneuvers while the LSF remains stationed at planets and defends them.


Office of Scientific Advancement is the coccus in charge of running Novus affairs, allocating funds, allowing and banning things and all matters of population or environmental organisation. Although it has a good rep, it has in the past allowed many things that are ethically questionable. 

Office of Planetary Security Is in charge of planetary defenses and maintaining security infrastructure. They operate in space, not the ground which is the province of the next office.

Office of Ethical and Harmonious Behavior acts as police and reeducation office in all Novus colonies, prisons and punitive measures having long been phased out, they use more unconventional methods of therapies and drugs to help patients.

Novus Armada is the official name of the Novus Navy.


Unity Peacekeepers is the name given to their army, which despite it's name has gone on several offensives and preemptive attacks against other targets.

Unity Homeguard is stationed on every planet and moon of Unity and composed of drafted men and women. 


The Emperor is a mostly symbolic office that serves as both a religious and political figure, the actual power is owned by the Shogun.

Imperial Shogun is the true leader of Valiance, a military commander and civilian leader at the same time. The shogun is elected from the highest families of the Noble houses.

Imperial Noble Houses is a group of 24 clans composed of several families in addition to the main ones that are devoted to the emperor. Nobles are the only ones that can have high ranking social positions and serve in the Dragoons. The house are divided by 8 warrior house, 8 bureaucratic houses and 8 religious/scholarly house.

Imperial Dragoons are the elite of Valiance, and composed of the members of the eight warrior houses of valiance. They occupy the command position of the Military and acts as shock troops.

The Valiance Military serves as both national guard, police force and conventional army for the nation of Valiance. Every men aged 18 is drafted into one of the divisions depending on his ability, which are tested at conscription. Those who score highly are often augmented and serve as shock troops in suicidal missions as to avoid risking Dragoons' lives.

The End

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