Chapter V - Life in the Verse - Motivation and MeaningsMature

Religions & Ideologies

Religion still holds a lot of ground around the New Helios system, being an integral part of Valiance and Liberty's culture. Several religions from old earth have survived the exodus and the subsequent millennium since colonization. Novus on the otherhand has promoted atheism to it's citizen, seeing that religion had always been a source of conflict on the old earth.

Buddhism, Christianity (Although the Roman Catholic church is long gone) Islam, Hinduism are still very prominent though the verse. Several new religions have been created since the exodus' beginning or planet fall.

Bioroids are notable for almost never being religious, not having the possibility of having been created by a deity and their education often tends to make them more scholarly and rational minded.

Christianity while still alive has somewhat changed, for one, the catholic church no longer exist and many have come to either believe that New Helios is to be the kingdom of God or that Humanity failed the test of the Armageddon when Old earth was ravaged. The former are somewhat notable for being reckless economically and ecologically and repeating the mistakes of old earth while the latter are usually very repentant.

The Cult of the Machine is a group of augmented men and women who have a devotion to technology and machines. The religion divides itself into two philosophy; The Mechanical and analytical brotherhoods. The former seeing the universe a a mechanical machine while the former sees it as a computer program. Both group have always shared very friendly relationships and have bred some of the verse's most talented engineers and programmers.

The Children of the Emperor is the state-religion of Valiance, that models itself around Chinese mythology while also integrating Egyptian and Norse elements. The faith is centered around the belief in the emperor's divine descent and the holiness of warriors and obedience to law, truthfulness and honor.

The Cult of Gaia is a relatively new religion that comes from the planet of Eden where the only alien life form that humanity found before, during and after the exodus reside in the form of large fungus colonies and primitive worms. The Cult of Planet holds ecology as sacred and greatly encourage it's members toward scientific or agricultural works.

Exiles of New Jerusalem are a small group of neo-luddites that hold technology in contempt and only use that which is necessary. They shun space flight and outright reject augmentation and Bioroids. As their name implies, they have colonized the moon of New Jerusalem. 

Fraternity of the Black Crow is an unknown to group of mercenaries, assassins and bounty hunters united by their faith. Little concrete is known about them, but they recruit the most promising people they can. 

Foundationist Society is a religious group that concern itself more on philosophical than mystical but nonetheless are believing. To foundationists, God is only partly understood by every other faiths and they seek to analyze then synthesize what they find in the other religions. Foundationists while not believing in hell, do believe that a person's largest threat is losing themselves in the triviality of the world; work or pleasure.

The End

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