Chapter V - Life in the Verse - Daily lifeMature


Everyone needs to eat, that's a universal truth. But what do people eat, that is the question. Food around the verse is largely dependent on three factors; Location, Money and Culture. Depending on where people live change largely the things they consume, while farmers on agricultural colonies or rich people in metropolis can enjoy fresh produce, others are not so lucky.

The first several days of any space voyage is often marked with real and fresh food being served and the subsequent ones are generally filled with meals of textured proteins and easily kept carbohydrates. 

Meat, Fruits and vegetables are often considered luxury foods in space or worlds with little agricultural land such as Liberty. Grains compose a vast majority of food stuff and so does proteins taken from Soy or Krill, the latter of which is very popular in Liberty which holds massive underground facilities for breeding and processing the tiny shrimp like crustacean. Soy has also been heavily modified to require little care and give massive yield due to it's value and adaptability into many products. 

Poor people of industrial worlds are generally stuck eating nothing but protein cakes or bars, which are both cheaper than dirty (Sometimes literally) and nourishing. Canned goods while more expensive are also common food for those who like actual meals even if they are made of the same stuff as a fake beef-stew is still more appetizing than mushy to sand-like bars. Rice and Wheat products are also beyond common.


In the New Helios system, four types of currencies have arisen from the core worlds. Although the majority of money in existence is entirely digital, solid currency also exist. All of whom differ in value. Other forms of currency also exist in Liberty as Corporation can issue their own money (Only redeemable at corp owned stores)

Liberty Scrip is made in soft polymer bills that range from one, five, ten, twenty, fifty and hundred with a type of polymer coin for decimal. A single unit of LS is worth around the same as a U.S. Dollar nowadays. 

Novus Credits is the only currency that exist entirely virtually. A single credit is worth ten LS. Credit chits are also popular which carries a certain amount of certified money, from five to a hundred thousand. Those credit chits look similar to small USB keys.

Unity Dollars are usually small colored squares of plastic. Green are worth a half LS, blue are worth five LS, red twenty five and purple five hundred.

Valiance has three types of money, all based on metal; the Gold Emperor, Silver Senator and Copper Centurion. Worth 300, 60 and 3 respectively. 

Digital currency is linked to a bank account which in turn can be accessed at any time with someone's commlink, transaction only requires someone's Link ID code or for both devices to be held close. The data is also completely safe as stealing a link does not steal the data connected to it.


Space can get boring during long travel and everyone needs some time to relax, luckily, the verse has plenty of way to distract people, from corporate drones to the bounty hunter waiting for a catch.

Sports are still commonly enjoyed, while many sports that were popular on Old Earth were recreated, the arks had little place to play baseball, several new activities also began. Zero G version of sports have also gotten popular. Valiance has also renewed the old roman tradition of gladiatorial fights, although most combat are to the first blood.

Film and television industry while dead for the earliest part of colonization have gotten a new wind, with audiences larger than ever before, spread across a half dozen planet and over a hundred moons as well as space stations and ships. Historical and Fantasy films are especially popular, while Science fiction has largely died out.

With the advent of AR and the Nexus, Gaming has also taken new heights, as people can play in the real world while synced up with their game console, all information streamed to their commlink and AR devices. Computer games are also fully available and popular.

While physical books are a thing of the past, or a relic for rich people, the nexus and augmented reality have let many people enjoy literature as books can be downloaded and spawned as augmented reality objects. Even allowing people to flip the virtual pages if they fancy it.

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