Chapter IV - ComputersMature


One of the Verse' most indispensable item are commlinks that functions very much like phones of the modern world but also serve as the central system of their owner's gadgets and life.

One of the main function of the link other than for communication is that it serves as both a platform to browse the Nexus and a credit card as it links to the user's bank account. Commlinks are protected either by password or by thumb print scans, with added security to avoid people from simply stealing someone's thumb. 

Cheaper model typically have a small screen and a keypad and serve as simple phones. More expensive models are generally smaller and use Augmented reality, voice and finger commands. 

Many users also supplement their link with augmented reality glasses, gloves or rings. That allow the user to see digital objects and interact with them. 

The Nexus

The nexus is in many ways, the internet. Completely wireless, it reaches all through the system with ship's nodes allowing connection mid-flight although it can require some time to load information when away from a planet. It is accessible both using computers and commlinks. 

Augmented Reality

Augmented reality is one of the Verse's greatest achievement, making life far easier. Where someone would need to consult a map, AR enabled links can simply display arrows seemlessly integrated into the background. Emails and texts will appear on virtual sheets at any command and keypads can be spawned to avoid the nuisance of the miniature keys of the physical link. Several games have also been created using AR.

AR can display virtually anything that can be programmed, from a game of chess to having your favorite movie play while you wait for the next shuttle to the space port or radically altering the decor of a room, making that rusty crew cabin look like a Liberty luxury loft.

Special optical device are required to see Augmented Reality objects and special gloves or rings to touch and interact with objects. Cybernetic eyes typically come with AR option.

The End

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