Chapter IV - Technology - AugmentationMature


Augmentation is a costy business in the Verse, with surgery that can take a day to a week depending on the size of the work. Rehabilitation often takes much longer as the patient has to get used to his new abilities, different weight and balance and sometimes complications.

Cybernetic limbs while not exactly rare are extremely rarely implanted on purpose. Most of which are composed of plastics as most metals would be fragile or weight too much on the supporting tissues and bones (Hence why heavier augmentation requires implant of supports and bones to be laced with metal)

Although urban legends are plenty, cybernetic killers, psychopaths and people losing their humanity due to augmentation are mostly just rumors. Few augs feel much different after their augmentation once rehabilitation has been completed. 

Cybernetic eyes, a very common operation are known to cause phantom limb syndrome and takes time to get used as following the operation, many feel as if what they see is 'unreal', a side effect of seeing from a camera rather than biological eyes. Cerebral and Nerve implants also require adjustment as people are not used to their new reaction time and different thinking (As with implanted skill or linguistic matrix)

*Skill and Knowledge Matrix are a small computer graphed onto the brain and nervous system that allows the person to know and do things they are unfamiliar with, although the limit of possibility is not infinite (An out of shape person could not become a pro-gymnast) Language implants are one of the most common augment.

*Dermal Armor is composed of plates of hard plastics or ceramics held together between two layers of synthetic skins. Higher quality ones are made as to allow changing of plates without requiring surgery. 

*Cybernetic eyes are basically cameras that feed directly into the brain and can broadcast their information to nearby devices. They cannot be removed without surgery. They are also often outfitted with additional functions, the most common which comes standard on most sets is to allow the user to see Augmented reality objects without an additional device. Another often used in military is Smart Weapon which allows the eyes to perceive information sent by the user's weapon, effectively allowing to see where his weapon should hit. It is affectionately dubbed the 'First-person-shooter game mode' by soldiers.

*Nerve replacements are synthetic nerves made of fables that allow for more precise control of the body than natural nerves. 

*Direct Neural Interface is an implant that allows the user to directly sync up with computer systems, it is also commonly employed by the Navigator's guild to link with a ship and control it as a second skin. The DNI can use both wire and wireless input, with a small plug being implanted on the aug's temple.

*Synaptic augmentation is a rather controversial and experimental augmentation that augment parts of the aug's brain with computer to allow for better function. Those who have received it usually have perfect memory, record all of their sensation in audio-visual format and can think faster. The augmentation however is known to cause migraines and make pre-augmentation memories fuzziers.

*Implanted Blades are the answer to the question of 'How could I make sure I'm always armed?' These thin folding blades are implanted in one or both forearms and deploy at a signal. They however require enhanced bones and several muscle adjustments to be usable without making the aug's arm useless as any impact would break the bones where the blade are attached. 

*Bone Lacing is an augmentation where the entire or part of the subject's skeleton is infused with either metal or surgical polymers to give more solidity. This is often a requisite to many augmentation that would otherwise rip someone's arm off or tear their muscle.

*Integrated medical kit covers a range of augmentation to aid the Augmented in harsh situation. It usually is integrated on the back of the shoulder muscle and linked to the blood stream where it inject on command stimulants, painkillers or other medication. 

*Air tanks are implanted in the thoracic cage and are small bottle of pressurized oxygen that will deliver their content when time is needed. The augmentation also typically includes something to seal the lungs from airborn pathogen, water or a vacuum. The tanks carry enough Oxygen for one hour.

*Tracheal filter is an augmentation where air filters are implanted in the air ways of the patient to protect from airborne pathogens. 

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