Chapter IV - Technology - Weapons & ArmorMature

Personal Weapon and Armor

While technology might have evolved, weapons have remained mostly the same for personal use. Ships might be able to focus energy into beams or project plasma balls, the technology remains rather too bulky to be used in man-to-man firefights, with small weapons overheating.

Most of the weapons in the verse use a variety of calibers who's ammo is either made of lead or polymer. The latter, spikes made of hard polymers are intended for combat in space. While still offering decent penetration, the needles held the advantage of not risking a hull breach or bouncing on the harder components.

Also, while somewhat anachronistic, swords have regained popularity as weapons as the narrow corridors that usually compose a vessel's bowels are small and can lead to melee quickly. With the added bonus that few armors are designed to stop blades and that hull breach is nigh impossible. 

Armors on the other hand have stayed much the same. Lighter armors are compromised of layers of special fabric meant to spread the impact of a bullet and avoid penetration, but only works on low power weapons. Heavy duty armor adds either metal plates or ceramic trauma plates that stop high power weapons such as rifles.

More expensive weapons are also available that can fire in a vacuum, using magnetic propulsion, these weapons are however rifle sized at minimum.

Ship Weaponry

Space ship weaponry are divided into several classes, all used for different purposes. With the range most ship engage, several kilometers, range and precision is often favored over destructive power.

*Beam weapons are meant as point-defense and may be used in point-blank attacks (10km or less) they are quick and precise and often used to shoot down missiles, mines or fighters. They however lose their focus too quickly to be of any use at long range.

*Pulsed Particles such as plasma cannons are good and heavy hitting medium range weapons and are often fired in quick succession to create barrage, they melt the target's hull effectively but are easy to avoid as they spread too much at long range.

*Mines are deployed behind the ship as it moves or catapulted forward where inside trusters will stop them shortly afterward. Mines recognize transmissions, radiation emissions and will home in on those who do not bear the registration code of their launcher. 

*Missiles are one of the Verse' most used weapons, they are usually nuclear powered and will charge toward designated targets regardless of range and can adjust their trajectories. A variation of the on them will launch a small volley when closer to the target, for lesser damage but are usually impossible to intercept in full.

*Ship Armor is composed of Boron Nitride ceramic and carbonsteel layers and are abrasive, peeling off as they get damaged. While a powerful shock will rock a ship, it'll do little internal damage.  After the armor plating is a section of liquid polymer that will seal minor breaches of the hull and keep the ship from being vented from small sized holes.

The End

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