Chapter III - Personnel - Medical Officer Chanda KakkarMature

ID DOSSIER: Chanda Kakkar

Name: Chanda Kakkar - Phi-Lambda-241
Origin: Novus
Age: 13
Race: Bioroid - Phi
Profession: Doctor of Medicine
Affiliation: University of Xeno Biological Studies of Novus

5' 10'' Olive skin, long flowing dark hair, green eyes. 

Chanda has a very strong respect for life and tends to do everything she may to help people, regardless of whether they are friend of foe. She's also an intellectual. 

As a Phi Bioroid, she was born and raised for scholarly studies as it extremely common in the facilities of Novus. She was given the choice of her specialisation and she chose biology and medicine, which she learned, 18 hours a day for six strait years, from the age of one to seven. 

After graduation, she worked on one of the most efficient and busy trauma team of District Alpha-12. She worked for the following five years and very quickly paid back her inception dept. She also paid for the inception of three more bioroid that she consider her children. 

Getting to her mid-life, she decide to leave the comfort of her home planet and see the system for herself and not simply what the recordings showed. With a lot of money and a sense of wanderlust filling her, she left Novus aboard a civilian transport and hopped from moons to station for a few months.

She however found herself in a bad situation when she was robbed of most of her belongings on Freeport Seven. As luck turned out, she stumbled on a small group of wounded freelancers that she helped, removing a plasteel needle from their captain's shoulder and sealing the wound with minimal equipment. Although money was not on her mind at the time, the captain was running low on credit, having blown most of his on hand chits on hired help. She managed to bargain for passage on the freelancer's ship.

Skills & Knowledge:
Medical knowledge. Very adept at synthetizing chemicals and using improvised tools.

Known Equipment:
Few bearing interest beyond her clinic equipment.

The End

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