Chapter III - Personel - Docker Andre WrightMature

ID DOSSIER: Andre Sokov Wright

Name: Andre Sokov (Given) Andre Wright (Marriage) Zeta-Epsilon-723 (ID)
Origin: Osiris, Colony of Valiance
Age: 11
Race: Bioroid - Zeta
Profession: Docker
Affiliation: Independent

6' 1'' Red hair, dark skin with freckles. Has the letters Zeta and Epsilon marked on his left cheek in pale white with the numbers 723 underneath in smaller font.

Like most if not all Bioroids, Andre is calm and composed, having most hormonal responses neutered and is naturally docile and polite. He deeply cares for Alexander and would risk his life for him.

As a Zeta Line Bioroid, Andre was primarily intended for work on very hot planet, able to handle higher than average temperatures more easily and fight dehydration for three times as long. 

Andre as he was named by his patron was commissioned to work on Osiris mining colony, loading and unloading freighters in the less protected area of the volcanic world and working for a private firm.

Out of consideration for other bioroids, he most often volunteered for dangerous jobs as to avoid exposing others to danger. One of which caused him to get in trouble when a high value crate was destroyed (forsaken to help another docker in danger) during a period of seismic activity.

Having noticed the event and the subsequent berating from the dockmaster and owner of the crate, calling for harsh measures, Alexander Wright stepped in to intervene. Seeing the bioroid in big trouble, he bought off his inception dept and even offered him to come on board the ICS Corvinus.

While he accepted, Captain Alenko was skeptic about the utility of the Bioroid whom offered to help with maintenance and cargo duties, but caved in when Alexander offered a diminution of his own cut in exchange.

Alexander and Andre eventually grew closer and married in an informal ceremony on Novus.

Skills & Knowledge:
Few that are noticeable.

Known Equipment:
Little of interest.

The End

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