Chapter III - Personnel - Engineer Janessa KerriganMature

ID DOSSIER: Janessa Kerrigan

Name: Janessa Kerrigan
Origin: Ark Station
Age: 18
Race: Augmented (Mechanical)
Profession: Engineer and Shipwright
Affiliation: Cult of the Machine, Mechanical Brotherhood.

5' 4'' a rather small woman, Jane is quick on her feet with small dexterous hands and eyes that constantly move from side to side, as if looking for something. Several studs and rings in both of her ears (5 left, 4 right)

Most often cheerful, somewhat naive and nice. Extreme curiosity and overflowing with energy most of the time. She suffers from combat paralysis, having grown in an environment free of conflict and crime.

Jane didn't choose her life, she was born on the Reborn Ark station, created by a religious cult from the salvaged remains of the four arks that made it to the New Helios system. She spent most of her childhood living on the massive station, tending the gardens and hallways until she entered the monastery at age 12. There, she was quickly taught the craft of aero-spatial engineering.

When she reached 16, she was granted the title of 'sister' and augmented lightly to be closer to her religion's machine-universe. As was tradition, she was exiled until she could bring back an authentic piece of one of the ark.

She made a small living working in a large scrapyard for ever a year on Shiva. She restored long junked tech pieces, jury rigging them or salvaging every thing she could. Her last job was helping with the repair of a ripped out Black Hawk mk III. Even though the captain to be was short of fund, she cut a deal with him.

After several months of work, the almost ancient vessel was ready to fly and she asked for a part of the crew and the permission to when ever possible continue her pilgrimage.

Skills & Knowledge:
Understand of every type of machinery; although specialized in vehicles. She can repair and even create most things with any decent quantity of materials and her tool box.

Known Equipment:

Tool box
*Fusion Cutter

*Mnemonic enhancer
*Cyber Eyes
*Integrated Database
*Nerve replacement in arms.

The End

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