Chapter III - Personnel - Security Officer Markov Innokenti KruscheMature

ID DOSSIER: Markov Innokenti Krusche

Name: Markov Innokenti Kusche or Mark
Origin: Valiance
Age: 25
Race: Augmented (Marine)
Profession: Mercenary
Affiliation: Independent

6' 4'' Strong jawline, facial scars, thick musculature and frame. Visibly augmented dermal armor.

While not the brightest of the ICS Corvinus and not exactly most loyal member of the crew, he certainly had the award of being the most devoted in battle. 

Like every men of Valiance, Markov was drafted into the military and after receiving above average line was lightly augmented and put into the 231st Marine regiment. He served for several months in the army before his breaching pod was shot and drifted, eventually making planet fall on the Unity colony of Poseidon.

Stranded, wounded and left sole survivor of his squad, he was taken in by the nearest colony and worked as a security officer for over a year and a half until being offered a job in a mercenary unit. 

After three additional year and most of his money spent on additional combat augmentation on a Novus station. During his convalescence, a fight broke out in a bar where he was hanging between a handful of independent contractors and criminals. When he was spotted by one of the former, he was offered a thousand credit if he helped, which he did, knocking the tongs and making a swift escape with the freelancer.

Impressed with his performance, the captain of the freelancer offered him a place on his ship as 'security ship.' which he accepted as it gave him a bigger cut and a more or less stable housing. This was how he joined the ICS Corvinus. 

Skills & Knowledge:
Excellent fighting skills in both martial and firearm weapons.

Known Equipment:
Mark holds a prefference for heavy duty weapons with a lack of subtlety. He was also augmented for battle several times.

*Dermal Armor. (Polymer and Ceramic plating)
*Reinforced Ceramic arm blades.
*Cybernetic eyes, including low light vision and flare compensation.
*Smart Targeting System.
*Platelet factory.

*Mars Crusader (1inch caliber revolver)
*Mars Slayer (Assault Rifle, 9mm)
*Mars Catapult (Grenade Launcher)

The End

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