Chapter III - Personnel - Navigator Alexander WrightMature

ID DOSIER: Alexander Guo Wright

Name: Alexander Guo Wright
Origin: Nuwa a moon of Tian, Novus colony
Age: 24
Race: Augmented (Piloting)
Profession: Freelancer, Ex Liberty Warrant Officer.
Affiliation: Navigator's Guild

5' 4'' Almond shaped eyes, dark hair, white skin. 

Alexander has two faces, much like he has two heritage behind him. To the few he knows and trust, he's outgoing and nice. To everyone else polite, composed, proffesional and almost apathetic. 

Alexander was the child of two refuge on the planet Nuwa; Chen Lianshi of Valiance and Marcus Cole Wright of Unity. His father ran a shipping company and he soon learned the trade of piloting many type of ground and air craft. His curiosity soon lead him to a bigger goal; space.

As he joined a comercial pilotting school, he was scouted out by the Navigator's guild for his high reflex, nerves of steel but also cool demeanor. He passed their exam and after four years of training was augmented and given the title of navigator with class II licence.

He joined a Cargo ship and did many deliveries between Nuwa and the other moons of Tian. After nearly half a year of uneventful runs, his ship was hijacked by pirates who boarded and captured both the crew and cargo. Not intending on dying, Alexander offered his service as a Navigator to the Pirate crew which accepted.

After about a year of dangerous work, the pirate crew managed to get their hand on a new target, the ICS Corvinus, which proved more dangerous than the smaller vessel looked and which lead to outright disaster when it was boarded.

With the pirate crew mostly dead, the ship barely space worthy and a very imposing augmented marine in his cockpit, he remade the same offer to Captain Alenko.

He has a rather tense relationship with Quartermaster and first mate Catherine Jones who sees him as having taken her job. He later met, saved and married crew member Andre Sokov.

Skills & Knowledge:
Exceptional Pilot.
Knowledge of pirate procedures and shipping companies.

Known Equipment:
Alexander use little external equipment that are not part of his ship or augments.

*Augmented Reflexes.
*Direct Neural Interface.
*Cybernetic eyes.
*Synaptic Augmentation.

*Damocles Ambusher (.22 semi-auto pistol)

The End

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