Chapter III - Personnel - Quartermaster Catherine JonesMature

ID DOSIER: Catherine Jones

Name: Catherine Elizabeth Jones
Origin: Chicago, Agriculural moon of Liberty
Age: 26
Race: Baseline Human
Profession: Freelancer, Ex Liberty Warrant Officer.
Affiliation: Independent

5' 7'' Lightly tanned skin, black hair, green eyes, thick brown hair.

Calm, controlled and methodical. She tends to become motherly of her crewmembers and while friendly does not hesitate to haul ass and teach some discipline. 

Catherine hails from a family of eleven children, second youngest of them, that operated a large farm on Chicago. Being so low in the chain, she had nothing that would be left for her when her ageing parents would die so she sought her own luck. 

She ran several illicit shipments around the agricultural colonies, but soon got in trouble with local crime after a run where she had to drop the cargo. To avoid repercution, she enlisted in the navy until things would cool down and became a pilot on small vessels after completing the academy.

Half-way through her four year service, the Valiance-Liberty conflict was sparked and she found herself sent to the front line. There, she met Lieutenant Alenko whom she formed a friendship quickly.

She was partly injuried in the incident that also earned him a medal of honor and he dragged her to the escape pod before setting the ship on ramming order. The two of them were stranded on Danu for the remainder of the battle.

When the war ended, she was discharged and pondered returning home, where little was waiting for her when Jonathan offered her the post of Quartermaster on his new vessel; the ICS Corvinus. 

Skills & Knowledge:
Strong Pilot
Good Marksman.
Knowledgeable on agriculture, luxury goods, street drugs.

Known Equipment:
Catherine has a preference for using compact automatic weapon or short ranged shotguns, having been trained to fight in the compact area of a space ship.

*Damocles Manhunter (Shotgun, Pump)
*Itachi Ronin (SMG, 9mm)
*Damocles Ambusher (Small pistol, .22)
*Armormesh Vest
*Padded Knuckle gloves
*AR google, rings and Transystem 'Connect' Commlink.

The End

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