Chapter III - Personnel - Captain Jonathan AlenkoMature


Name: Jonathan Alenko
Origin: Liberty.
Age: 28
Race: Baseline Human
Profession: Freelance Captain, Ex-Liberty Lieutenant.
Affiliation: Independent, Captain of the Black Hawk Mk III Vessel 'ICS Corvinus'

6' 1'' Heavily tanned skin, blonde hair, brown eyes. Several scars on left arm & shoulder and below ear. 

Lack of patience, defensive attitude, quick learner and ruthless in combat. Extreme loyalty toward his crew and close friends. Mission oriented and always following through on his parts until the bullet begin flying.

Born to factory worker parents, on Liberty working for Terra Firma industries. As he turned eighteen, he applied for officer college but was denied the money to register, deemed to be a too risky investment. Joined the Libery Navy isntead and worked on crewing a small escort for the Cruiser LNSS John Smith. 

He met Catherine Jones while Stationed on the colony Dagba shortly before the Valiance-Liberty border conflict. They served together for two years until the end of the war. He received the medal of honor for his action in the space above Danu for the destruction of the VNSS Krieger where he manually set a ramming manuver before ejecting using the last lifepod to escape.

He subsequently crashed on Danu and joined the Local Militia until he was injured in the explosion of an artillery shell wounded him. When hostility ceased, he remained in the hospital two months and was eventually honorably discharged.

Not long after, he purchased the disaffected Black Hawk Corvette Mk III and became an independent contractor with Catherine as his original Pilot and Quatermaster. From this point on, for the next year and a half, he began building his crew.

Skills & Knowledge:
Decent Piloting skills, Navigation.
Expert Marksmanship with small arms and good skills with single shot rifles. 
Black Market and Criminal knowledge.
First Aid.

Known Equipment:
Captain Alenko has a preference for semi-automatic pistols and Semiautomatic rifles and seems inseparable from his Mortimer coat.

*Halberd Twelve-Seven (.50 Cal handgun)
*Itachi Robin (9mm Handgun)
*Damocles Archer ( .304 Rifle.)
*Mortimer of Liberty Coat (Graphene Lined Coat with optional trauma plate sockets.)
*Padded Knuckle gloves
*12 inch ceramic knife.
*AR Glasses, gloves and Transystem 'Connect' Commlink.

The End

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