Chapter I: The big four - GovernmentsMature

Probably the freelancer's largest hindrance but also biggest contributors are the many governments and agencies of the verse, whether they're upholding the law or using independent assets for deniability.

When the surviving four colony ships arrived in the system they'd baptise New Helios, they split into four original colony; the core worlds; Liberty, Novus, Unity and Valiance. All based on ideology on how the new world should have been ran. 

I - Liberty

Liberty as it called itself is the verse's industrial nation, founded on the concept of free market economics, minimal government and personal freedom. Liberty is under the official rule of the president which acts as a representative of the Corporate Court, which itself is composed of the largest corporation of the inter-planetary nation.

The original settlers founded the colony on the second planet of the New Helios system, a medium sized planet with abundant amount of water that they slowly terraformed into a habitable planet that now spans the largest metropolises in existence. Liberty features two continents and several archipelagos that occupy 60 percent of the planet's surface. Liberty has four moons; Chicago, New York, Washington and Columbia.

What eventually became liberty was founded on the Colony fleet by industrial magnate and economist John Morgan, who funded a large part of the exodus and who's descendant founded XenoCorp, Liberty's strongest corporation. Another important group that joined was the religious Brotherhood of God who opposed many of the three other nation's ideals.

II - Novus

Where Liberty's goal was personal freedom, Novus wanted a brand new start in a new system. Novus espouse a technocratic model based on several goals; Technological advancement, ecological renewability, spatial exploration and expansionism.

Novus is the core world the most far away from Helios, being founded on the largest moon of the gas giant Archimedes. Although the planet is rather colder than the other coreworld and enjoy a long and harsh winter, the Colonist adapted, building largely underground. Although terraformation warmed the world to much more tolerable levels. Novus has no real oceans but massive glacier formation at the poles. The moons Einstein, Darwin and Newton orbits the planet.

Novus was founded when the Gaian and Stellar University organized together on board the colony ships as intellectualism, academia and above all prudence were being ignored by other groups. Novus' goal was simple; avoid repeating the same mistake that was made on Old earth.

III - Unity

Unity as they claim, are the follower of the original vision of Project Exodus; a fluid government based on democracy and individual rights. Unity is governed by a house of representative that belong to a political party, the most numeral of which elects the president.

Unity is the System's third planet and the only planet in the system not to have a moon. Terraformation has left six landmasses that cover 25% of the earth and more island than can be counted. 

As the crew and people living in the colony ships began fighting after the sabotage and destruction of the U.N.S. Europe, the handful of members still loyal to the command staff and original project gathered under a new leadership and formed Unity, hoping to restore the five remaining ships together. A plan that sadly, failed.

IV - Valiance

Many if not most of the original members of the Exodus project would have despaired at the sight of the nation of Valiance; A powerful military state based on facist ideals and legalism. Valiance is ruled by the Commander who acts as both state ruler and religious figure. (Valiance having created it's own state religion as a synthesis of many of it's conceptor's beliefs)

Valiance is the fourth planet in the system and holds three satelite of it's own; Power, Faith and Sovereignty. Valiance has six main landmasses but only small oceans that cover 20% of the planet's surface.

The End

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