Races: Elvenkind, The Vanirs

  • Van; One -- Ir; Kind -- Vanir; The One kind.

First race to exist on the world, the Vanirs were born when the first moon Prima first rose in the skies. They dominated the world for nine thousand years before the advent of the second age.

Altough once imortal, the Vanirs have lost their touch. With every generation, the life span of their children are smaller. 500 years is the current maximum lifespan.

The five races of elvenkind were created when their homeland was affected by the cataclysm that ended the first Era, sinking their home under the polar ice forever.

In modern times, the races have fallen into degeneration, losing their mind and sanity as they age, incapable of replenishing their essence like the days of old.

The I'Vanirs; True elves

Those that call themselves the true vanirs are the descendant of the few vanirs that stayed on their now glacial homeland. I'vanirs are collosal giants, ranging from 6' to 8' they have become immune to cold in order to survive.

I'Vanirs are the only race not to suffer from the degeneration. They remain immortal and do not degrade as they age. However, the race's birth rate is abyssmal. It is considered a miracle if more than one child is born in a year for the whole race.

Their skin is always extremely pale beige or even white. Their hair are generally silver, black, white or nearly transparent. Their eyes are always in cold colors.

I'Vanirs are known for their xenophobic tendencies as they consider everyone else inferior to them, including other races of vanir.

Orelirs; The blessed kind; Mad elves (derogatory)

Of all races of elves, the Orelirs are the strangest. The race's fathers fled the cataclysm and settled on the mysterious island of Ushas, where uberknownst to them, Moshiak lord of madness was in slumber.

As they age, the mad elves become more and more unstable, gaining mental illness. A very old Orelir is effectively deranged in many ways.

The blessed ones however seems to have gained a strange gift of insight, some saying they can read people's soul when they gaze into another's eyes. They are also known for their great intellect but lack of common sense.

Orelirs have very little in terms of general appearance, everyone of them is odd in his or her own way. Skins ranged from red to purple, often in lively colors. The same goes for hair and eye colors.

Dorethirs; The great kind; High elves

High elves accounts for 95% of the known elves in the empire's lands. They are known for their gracious and elongated bodies and good looks. Dorethirs' ancestors took refuge in the land of centros where they later formed alliances with humans and other races.

Dorethirs are however known not to be the friendliest of the bunch. As they age, the minds of the high elves begin to detach itself from their feelings, making them effectively sociopathic at middle age and worse at old age.

Blond, black and light brown are the most common hair colors. Eyes are the same as humans. Their skin is pale most of the time as they hardly tan in the sunlight. They are known for their enchanting voices, sense of style and innate beauty.

Dorethirs are social creatures above all other things, manipulation and charisma are prised above all else in their culture. Birth rank is rather unimportant as those who are worthy will rise while those who aren't will become servents to the others.

Kuftnir; The primal kind; Wild elves

The wild elves hail from the millenial forests of atmora where they took refuge thousands of years ago. Wild elves are rather unnote worthy as compared to other types of elves. One would easily mistake one for a human if not for their ears and claws.

The Kuftnirs are close to animals, they may even speak their languages. They are also easy to recognise by the cat like claws that their hands and feet holds which they use in combat aswell as to climb trees.

Kuftnirs lives in small villages in the trees and feed mostly of hunting and gathering. They are known as good archers and are just a deadly in close combat. They are however somewhat small and sport lithe body frames.

As they age, Kuftnir becomes more and more animalistic, in both physical and mental aspects. Their eyes become catlike around middle age and their claws grows larger with time. They also develop fangs.

Sorenirs; Deep kind, Deep elves

Of all known races of Vanir,  Sorenirs are the least seen as they live under the earth in cavern maze that sprawl the entire planet where they sought refuge after the cataclysm.

Sorenirs are easy to differentiate due to their gray colored skin, dark hair and the tribal mask they wear to protect themselves from the sun. Their most amazing feature is their ability to direct themselves using echolocation.

Sorenirs are prey to the degeneration like all others and as they age, their body become allergic to the sun and their eyes stop being able to endure bright lights.

The deep elves live in small tribal society often focused around a shaman. They are known to famr mushroom and herd J'kskars, large catepillar like insects which they use for chitin, meat and eggs.

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