Handbook of the world of anor mundus, where races, gods and lore will be explained and featured.

Before reading this, you should first read Anor Mundus as this is merely a companion piece.

The idea of Anor mundus came to me when I was planning a dungeons and dragons campaign. I'm a big fan of the world of darkness serie (The old/classic one anyway) and wanted something beyond standar sword and sorcery without having to buy tons of supplementary books.

The first thing that came to me, was the god and patheons. I wanted a mythology that didn't involve good vs evil but that held a more meaningful battle in it. So I created the gods of order and the gods of chaos. Where none are the good and the bad guys.

There are a few rules I fixed about the setting and they are as follow;

  1. The Gods of Order are not Good nor are the Chaos gods evil. Order bring stagnancy, tyrany, close-mindedness just as it bring peace, structure and Cooperation. On the same note Chaos brings evolution, changes, freedom to live, to act, to think just as it can bring selfishness, violence, and anarchy.
  2. They are not kind gods. But they are gods. Gods who walk the land disguised, plot for good or ill. Devotion is not only an act of belief but a contract between a follower (or better a priest) and the god he worships
  3. The afterlife is unknown. None of the gods know what happen beyonds death. These lands are forever barred to them. Ressurected persons cannot remember. But some say there is a truth out there.
  4. Gods are semi-physical representation of concepts. To wound a good one must seek to destroy it's concept. To attack him physically shall only temporarily cut him off.
  5. Everything has an impact on the astral and spiritual world, from the deeds of Gods to those of mortal men and women. To create, stir or fuel an emotion or concept, it to fuel the power that form those concepts. And powers do not alway stay innanimate...

The core concepts and themes are as follow.

  • Order Vs Chaos (Especially on the Godly level)
  • Good Against both the Principles of Order, Comformity and Law against those of Chaos, Individuality and Freedom.
  • The nature of Evil against the same principle.
  • The Price of power and the Responsability of it.
The End

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