grip of lifeMature

i wrote this song for this guy,so was like just doing my head in,with one minite liking me and sayin he loves me to cheating on me and i just hated it,so i vented my anger out a lil by writing this.

verse 1-
i couldnt understand
what you were
talking about
and i couldnt understand
the words coming out of your mouth
you see i dont understand bullshit
i dont really like the use of it
and to be honest you use to much of it
which has put me in a mix
of not knowing when your lying
or telling the truth
you got me going into beliveling in you
and i dont want too

so just stop
and shut your mouth
dont look up
cause your running out
of things to say
to make me change my mind
boy you need to get a grip of life

verse 2-
you said i was the only one
that im your only girl
you said that i complete
your whole entire world
then some skinny assed bitch
comes into it
and all of a sudden im out of your world
gusse i wasnt your favourite girl

verse 3-
you can say all you want
lets be honest
all you want is fun
and i suppose i couldnt give it to you
so what the fuck am i suppose to do
when all i dreamed of was me and you
thought we were the prefect couple too
you just dont see the changes i made to become
this thing

The End

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