My last piece of paper, Ironic really

I’m still listening to the jazz cats
just like you told me.
Not many people around me understand,
but you don’t need to worry;
I got used to that
a long time ago.

It is how it is.

So you are gone;
There’s nothing left of you
apart from memories:
Something I don’t have enough of,
but what I have
will have to do.

Just like me
you were probably a good man,
but, like me,
there was only a select few to see it.
Well, I never did,
but right now
you are everything.


The work lot are in now dad.
They keep talking
like they always do,
but I had hoped that you would
have seen
how I never cared for it.

There has always been something else
more important.
Right now it’s you,
but before this
there was always something else.

I don’t know why,
after everything,
but I’m going to miss you
even if it is at a distance.

On a plus note,
I finally have someone to talk to
who can’t question me.
You better get used to it
because I’ve got a lot to say.

The End

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