God's Sky

The sunrise was beautiful this morning. All of God’s glory portrayed in the sky; the colors of the wind painted on the canvas that we call a “Sky.” Pinks and orange colors spilled all over the place. Breathtaking scenery; it makes me wonder why God shows us the sunrise if hardly anybody notices the true beauty. Does anyone not understand that God is telling us, “I’m here with you! I love you!” through a sunrise? Not only those who believe in Him but to those who deny Him as well. He’s loved us this whole time, before we knew of Him. His love is unconditional, we can’t comprehend it. It’s bigger than the sunrise.

I believe that everyone is what some call a “Pre-Christian” because the people that deny Him have yet to see His miraculous ways. Everyone has a membership with the Almighty King some have yet to check in. Some don’t know about their membership and some may never know. If His people don’t reach out to them, God does that work with His sunrises. But there is something so much more meaningful to God: The hearts of those that He loves; which is everyone. God is jealous for us. He wants us all to Himself and He wants us to do His work on Earth. He is relentless on our hearts to do what He’s called us to do. For me, it’s to touch others through writing. Some may be singers, teachers, missionaries, prophets. The list is endless for the ministry that God puts you in. He just wants us to do our purpose. There is first a passion and that leads into a dream. God gives us a destiny; and then we have a purpose.

The End

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