Giving Thanks

I thank the sun for its illuminating glow. It gives warmth to my soul and helps all good things grow. We will all be no more the day you go.

I am lucky to have my two sisters, my mom and my dad. Over the years you've all driven me mad... but your love and support have seen me through the good and the bad.

To Katherine, my girlfriend and muse, I can't say enough. Our time together has seen the calmest waters and the waves most rough. We have come through it all, better than before - we are made of stronger stuff.

I'm in debt to all the friends I've made through the years. Thank you for sharing with me your hopes and your fears, and may your lives be blessed and full of good cheer.

I am grateful for the doctors, nurses and Sir Banting who have kept me alive these past three years. Without you this would have all ended in tears.

Thank you to diabetes, type one, for the lessons you have taught. I know in the beginning I cursed and I fought... but I see now the healthier life you've brought.

I cannot forget the Internet - without it these words might never be read and that would be a terrible waste of all that blood, tears and sweat. Through all this practice and feedback my writing has improved - but I haven't peaked yet.

And I thank you for reading all of this and I invite you to share what brings you bliss.

The End

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