Give love to meMature

A slow jam sort of song... for some reason I have an intense urge to write these sort of songs right I,m going with it

If the candlelight speaks to you

You must speak back

Because you only live once

And you know, you just won't ever feel heat like this again

Let's make love until that candle burns down

Then we will make our own light

Cradle ourselves in the softest of glows



I don't want a fucking from you

A hit and run

I want you in my bed

Swimming in my sheets

I want you in my heart

I want a crash and burn

And those arms to catch me

I trust in you

Believe solely in you

So make love to me

Give love to me


Love drifted in through my window pane

Caressed us in her light

Warmed my entire existence

Made it way to easy to drop my guard

And my clothing to the floor



Kiss me underneath the rain of my showerhead

We can't ignore time forever

We got to trade our lazy boots for polished shoes

But kiss me again and again

Make our time decedant, indulgent



You look so good in last nights clothes

For us there is no walk of shame

Only the enchantment of butterflies

So kiss me one last time for the morning at least

Bring me some more of your magic

Hold tight, hold fast

It's going to be intense...


The End

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