Lyle Humes


               Two weeks later. A young man storms into the station and
               screams at the desk Sargent.

                                          LYLE HUMES
                              I need to speak to detective
                              Larson! He needs to know what he
                              is responsible for!

               The Sargent makes a phone call and sets down the receiver

                              He'll be down in a moment. What is
                              this about?

                                          LYLE HUMES
                              It's about my father, Simon Humes,
                              that's what it's about.He hung
                              himself this morning, and it"s
                              Larson's fault!

               David enters the room and Humes attacks him, going for the

                                          LYLE HUMES
                              It's your fault! You killed my

               David wrestles him to the ground and handcuffs him.

                              What are you talking about Humes?

               David pulls Humes off the floor and puts him in a chair
               where he puts his head in his hands and sobs.

                              Now tell me what's going on.
                              You're not making any sense.

                                          LYLE HUMES
                              You accused my father of murder!
                              He has never hurt anyone in his
                              whole life! You were going to
                              charge him with murder, and he
                              couldn't live with it!

                              I did no such thing. I told him
                              that if he deliberately set the
                              fire that killed the three people
                              in the barn, he could be charged
                              with involuntary manslaughter.
                              Then I found out they were
                              already dead when the fire burnt
                              the barn. I was going out there
                              to tell him this morning.


The End

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