Twins Again


               Late May, 1975

               Judy sits up in bed with two little blanket wrapped bundles
               in her arms. One is a pink blanket, the other is a blue
               blanket. Kyle stands beside the bed, smiling broadly.

                              They're absolutely beautiful,
                              darling, like their mommy. as for
                              the names, are we going to go with
                              the ones we decided on before they
                              were born? Mom says that sometimes
                              a baby just doesn't look like the
                              name that was decided on. I was
                              originally going to be called
                              steven, but I guess I looked more
                              like a Kyle.

                              I think the names fit them pretty
                              well. Colin Kyle David Maxwell,
                              and Marjorie Colleen Estelle
                              Maxwell. Since Marjorie is my
                              mom's name, and Colin is my dad's
                              name,that pretty much covers the

                              When will your parents be coming
                              home from their mission in
                              Honduras? It must have been
                              difficult for you when they were
                              called away as missionaries when
                              you were just seventeen.

                              It was, but I had my sister Sylvia
                              to help me. She let me stay with
                              her and her husband Cliff. I
                              could have gone to live in
                              Honduras, but I wanted to stay
                              here. I was so lucky to get that
                              dispatch job at the station right
                              off the bat. Mom and dad will be
                              here to see the twins next month.
                              I'm betting their first words will
                              be spanish!

               INT. HOSPITAL ROOM - LATER

               David and Emily enter the room. Emily is carrying seven
               month old Daniel.

                              Hi Judy. How are you feeling? I
                              can't wait to see my new niece
                              and nephew. Here honey, you take
                              little linebacker here. I need to
                              see these babies' faces!

                              Linebacker? Do you think that's
                              the career that Danny is headed
                              for? He's certainly big enough,
                              and that's what his fraternal
                              grandfather was. Did you ever
                              pursue that branch of your family
                              tree, David?

                              No, I just looked him up in the
                              sports archives at the library.
                              He was an Ottawa Roughrider, so
                              he wasn't hard to find. I looked
                              him up in Charlotte's old
                              yearbooks, too. There's even a
                              couple of pictures of her and
                              Daniel Cassidy. I actually do
                              look a lot like he did then. He
                              died from a brain embolism,
                              probably from having his head
                              banged around so much on the

                              What about children, did he have
                              any besides you?

                              A boy four years younger, and a
                              girl seven years younger than me.
                              I'm not going to look them up
                              though, what would be the point?
                              It would just disrupt their lives
                              for no good reason. Besides, Kyle
                              and Joanie are as good as it gets
                              in the way of siblings, so why
                              look for more?

                              Joanie will be here as soon as she
                              finishes her shift at smiths Falls
                              Hospital. Now that she's the part
                              time head nurse in the
                              afternoons, she'll have more time
                              to spend with their baby when it's
                              born in September.

                              I was so thrilled when she told us
                              in February that she was pregnant.
                              All of the cousins are going to be
                              close in age. She already thinks
                              it's a girl. She isn't anywhere
                              near as big as you were at the
                              same stage for David.It could be
                              just a smaller boy, but it isn't
                              likely. A mom knows. I knew it
                              was twins by the third month.

The End

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