Saying goodbye to Mark


               Four days later

               The graveside service for Mark Larson has just finished. His
               family stands beside the casket, which has not been lowered
               yet. It is covered with flowers. Emily holds the new baby.

                              Little Danny is as good as gold,
                              Em. Not a peep out of him. Quite
                              a little bruiser, isn't he? Kyle
                              was eight and a half pounds, and
                              I thought he was big!

                              He's being good because I fed him
                              just a half hour ago, mom. When
                              he's hungry, I'm sure you can
                              hear him for blocks. He doesn't
                              ask to be fed, he demands it!

               Emily and her mother chat quietly. estelle approaches them.

                              Hello Colleen, Emily. He looks so
                              much like David did when he was
                              born. I'm so glad the weather has
                              held for us. we seem to be
                              enjoying Indian Summer.

                              I know you didn't come over here
                              to talk about the weather. I can
                              tell when there's something on
                              your mind, Mama Estelle. Can you
                              tell us what it is?

                              Well, I just wonder if Mark has
                              showed up in any of your dreams
                              since you...saw him last.

               The baby begins to fuss. Emily hands him to her mother.

                              Mom, will you put him in his
                              carriage, please? after awhile,
                              holding him is like holding a ten
                              pound rock!

               Colleen carries the baby away.

                              I've been dreaming about him, but
                              not in any interactive way like
                              before. He's been on my mind a
                              lot, and my dreams are mostly
                              fond memories. I don't think he's
                              going to appear again in spirit,
                              or what ever he was that day.
                              When he said goodbye, it sounded
                              final. He said that he was being
                              called away, so I think he's gone
                              on to a better place than here.

                              I haven't been home alone since he
                              passed on. Colleen went over with
                              me and we got a few clothes .
                              I've been staying with your
                              parents. I haven't had the
                              strength to face that empty house

                              Mark said that he thought it was a
                              good idea for us to move into your
                              house. He didn't ask us to do it
                              outright, that just wasn't his
                              way, but I'm still taking it as
                              his last wish.

                              You're right, Mark would never ask
                              something like that for himself,
                              he wouldn't want to impose. For
                              me though, he would ask anything,
                              do anything, give anything. Is
                              that something you would

                              David and I discussed this, and
                              we've decided to move in with you
                              unless you decide otherwise. We'll
                              pay rent, utilities, taxes,
                              whatever you say. We want to be
                              there for you, but we don't want
                              to be a burden.

               Estelle puts her arm around Emily and kisses her on the

                              Neither one of you even know how
                              to be a burden. It's just not in
                              your genetic make up. I would be
                              thrilled to have the three of you
                              live with me. It'll be wonderful
                              having a baby in the house.

                              Talking about babies, Judy just
                              told me that she's pregnant! It
                              looks like our little Larson will
                              have a little Maxwell to play with
                              the same as his daddy did.

The End

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